Spring Safety Spotlight: Scraper Mats


Spring is here! Though much of the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States is still experiencing colder-than-normal temperatures, it’s time for facility managers and property owners to begin planning for milder temperatures, thawing ice, and rain. With the right products and a forward-thinking plan for safety, facilities can quickly prepare for the looming changes in customer […]

What Are the Most Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents?

According to general liability claims, slip and fall accidents account for over 61% of total incurred losses in general liability claims—more than any other type of accident.  The total cost of these claims has reached over $52.9 billion in total.   According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), over 2.2 million Americans were rushed […]

Best Mats for Gas Stations

Durable Mats for Gas Stations

Rubber mats are in high demand for most retail outlets, and in no scenario is that more true than fuel dispensaries like gas stations.  Gas stations are heavily trafficked each and every day, and most locations adopt a 24/7 operating policy simply to fuel the seemingly never-ending demand for gasoline and other convenience items.   In […]

5 Essential Safety Mats for Schools

5 Essential Safety Mats for Schools

Improve School Safety and Cleanliness with These 5 Mats 1. Ultra-absorbent Entrance Mats for Schools One thing most school buildings have in common is a multitude of different entryways.  Children pass through a school’s many entrances and exits several times each day, often hurriedly and without much attention to safety.  Ensuring that children have a […]

5 Things to Consider Prior to Buying New Mats

5 Things to Consider Prior to Buying New Mats

Eagle Mat and Floor Products has proudly served the Washington D.C. Metro area for over 30 years.  In that time, we have forged countless relationships with businesses of many different sizes and verticals.  From national real estate development companies to local retail outlets, our client base includes a diverse variety of businesses that each has […]

Walk Off Mats

Walk Off Mats

The Eagle Mat team is often asked a simple question:  What are walk-off mats, and how are they different from entrance mats?  The answer is equally simple:  They are one and the same.  The term “walk-off mat” is used to describe an entire category of commercial floor mats that either scrape or wipe debris from […]

Your Facility’s Risk Management Plan, Part I

Your Facility’s Risk Management Plan Part I

Risk management programs seek to identify and analyze the risks that may arise during the usual course of business.  These anticipatory programs go a step further by prioritizing those risks and setting forth a plan to control their potentially negative impact on business.  In Part I of the Your Facility’s Risk Management Plan series, the […]

Mat Placement Part I: Outdoor Entry Areas

Mat Placement Guide Part I:  Outdoor

In the first part of this 2 part series, the Eagle Mat Blog will explore the importance of installing commercial floor mats in the outdoor areas of a facility.  Outdoor entry areas must have commercial strength matting for a few reasons.  First, these areas are exposed to the elements; rain, snow, and debris accumulation can […]