Why are Waterhog Floor Mats So Popular?

Why are Waterhog Floor Mats So Popular?

Waterhog mats are very popular. They are the industry standard for wet-weather conditions, and they can absorb 1.5 gallons of water per square yard of mat. Water on a floor is a major safety hazard and big contributor to slip, trip, and fall incidents that cost businesses about $1 billion per year. So, for commercial […]

How to Clean & Maintain Waterhog Floor Mats

How to Clean & Maintain Waterhog Floor Mats

As you probably know, we have tons of different commercial mats. But we love our Waterhog mats. These are the industry standard for commercial use in areas where the foot traffic is going to be really wet. Any business in a wet weather area should have these mats at the entrance to their business premises. […]

Waterhog Mats to the Rescue

3 Best Reasons to Choose Waterhog Floor Mats

In November of 2018, looking at the statistics for the past 100 years, precipitation was above average across the US, with some areas on the east coast having record-setting highs. While some areas also have plenty of rain in the spring, the problem with winter precipitation is that it’s extra slippery because of snow, sleet, […]

Summer Camp Liability—Making Your Floors Safe

Summer Camp Liability—Making Your Floors Safe

For those in the summer camp business, you’re probably getting ready for the summer rush of youngsters. While you’re checking menus and going over equipment, don’t forget the floors. Kids can slip, trip, or fall just as easily as grown-ups. Because of their lower center of gravity, when kids fall, they tend to fall head […]

Custom School Entrance Mats

5 Must-Have Waterhogs for Spring

Schools need mats just like any other business or commercial space and for the same reasons: Mats trap dirt and water preventing it from being tracked everywhere. It’s easier and cheaper to clean a mat or two than thousands of square feet of dirty floors. Mats make the flooring safer for students and employees by […]

Winter Products Spotlight


It’s that time of year again in North America. Snow. Sleet. Rain. Ice. Fog. Wet floors in your commercial space are not only dangerous because it’s a major contributor to slips, trips, and falls, but all that water and salt can damage your floors. Remember, customers and employees are not only bringing water and dirt […]

Waterhog Mats: Smart Business for a White Christmas

Waterhog Mats: Smart Business for a White Christmas

If you’re sitting with a cup of hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire, then snow falling outside can feel magical. But if your commercial space has a lot of foot traffic, then that same snow falling can be nightmarish for your business Slips, trips, and falls are a major problem for businesses. In […]

Why Opt for Floor Tiles?

Winter Product Spotlight: Garage Tiles with Diamond Treads

Carpet and other floor tiles are common in gyms, offices, airports and schools – but what makes these floors so popular? Easy installation, simple replacement and a virtually seamless look are a few of the many benefits to carpet tiles. Many homeowners and business owners are unaware that carpet tiles hold many possibilities, whether you’re […]

Mats and Runners for Luxury Hotels


This picture, taken at a prominent hotel in Brickell, Miami’s booming financial district, perfectly illustrates how entrance mats and runners can be designed to compliment even the most regal of commercial and residential spaces. To learn more about these flexible and fully customizable commercial mats, visit our page on Waterhog Mats. Mats & Hotel Design […]

Fall Product Spotlight: Waterhog Entry Matting

Waterhog Classic Entry Mat

Welcome to the Fall Product Spotlight article series on the Eagle Mat Blog. In preparation for the busiest season for in-store retail shopping, our Blog will publish a weekly showcase of an industry-leading safety product that will keep your place of business clean, dry, and safe this fall. In our first installment, we focus on […]