Payments Accepted
Eagle Mat and Floor Products Terms & Conditions

-Free Shipping Special & Freight Terms-

For a limited time, Eagle Mat & Floor Products is offering free shipping for March 2023 for orders over $99.99!

*Purchases may be combined with multiple products to reach the $99.99 tipping point, but must be placed at the same time as one order.
*Free Shipping is valid for shipping addresses located within the Continental United States.  (Excludes Hawaii, Alaska, US territories and principalities, Foreign countries, etc.). Additionally, Free Shipping is not valid when shipping to any Construction Site, Military Base (Domestic or International), School or College, Place of Worship, Fair, Amusement Park, Farm, Mine/Quarry, Storage Unit, Prison, or any other location with Limited Access and/or Secured Access.
*Orders $99.99 and under will be charged a flat Freight Rate of $19.95.
*Packages weighing over 150 lbs. and/or over 96" in length and/or over 165" combined size (length + width+ height) must be shipped using a Freight Carrier. The cost of freight to use a Freight Carrier will be incurred by the customer and paid directly to Eagle Mat. These Freight Carriers will only get the goods to the final destination, but will not unload products from the truck or move goods to a desired location. However, both a "Lift Gate Service" and "Indoor Delivery Service" is available for an extra fee of $159.00 or more per Service (to Eagle Mat), depending on the size and weight of Delivery. The Lift Gate Service is only to take the products off of the truck, but the Customer is responsible for removing the goods from the Lift Gate Area and any transportation after the Lift Gate Service is completed. The Indoor Delivery Service is used to have the Freight company move the goods from the Lift Gate Area and transports the goods indoors. If the Customer elects to use either of these Services (or any other additional freight service), they need to obtain permission from Eagle Mat and the fees must be either Pre-Paid by the Customer or the Customer will automatically be charged after the delivery of the goods.
*If Customer is unable to receive their goods when the products are delivered, Customer may be subject to a storage fee of $99.00 or more per Day (depending on size and weight of Delivery), as well as a Re-Delivery Charge (subject to size and weight of Delivery).
*Eagle Mat & Floor Products will try to provide customers with tracking information on products ordered, but it is not required of Eagle Mat to do so.
*All Wall & Corner Guards that must be packaged and shipped at 8 linear feet or longer will incur a $189.00 minimum freight charge. All other goods that are 8 feet or wider may also incur a freight charge.
*If any Shipping Address provided by the customer to Eagle Mat was incorrect and needs to be changed after the order has already shipped, there will be an extra $25.00 fee to change that Shipping Address.
*If any Shipping Address provided by the customer to Eagle Mat was incorrect and the package is returned back to Eagle Mat or one of the production facilities, the customer will be required to pay the freight to have the order shipped back to Eagle Mat (or one of the production facilities) and the customer is responsible for the cost of freight to have the order shipped back to the customer once again.
*Eagle Mat has the ability to ship most of our products to almost anywhere in the world! However, if we are shipping anything internationally, anywhere outside of the continental United States, the customer is 100% responsible for the cost of the freight, including but not limited to the shipping cost, any international duties/fee/taxes, and/or any additional fees to the shipping company to import the goods into the customer's country. The customer is responsible for finding out the costs of those potential fees, as well as paying them, since they are in no way associated with Eagle Mat, its goods, its services, its shipment, etc.; nor does Eagle Mat have any way of determining what those fees may be or how much they may cost.
*Place an order online today or call us 1-877-333-1018!


-100% Price Match Guarantee-

Eagle Mat and Floor Products is proud to serve you as the leading provider of the highest quality floor mats and flooring products at the lowest prices.  If you find that our prices are higher than any competitor, Eagle Mat guarantees that it will match that price and possibly even beat it!  Simply call us at 1-877-333-1018 and we will work with you to get you the lowest possible prices with the very best customer service!

Please note that the products have to be identical in comparison.  Our 100% Price Match Guarantee is valid before a purchase is made and for up to 72 hours after items are purchased.  Any inquiries more than 72 hours after the purchase has been made cannot be honored.

* Must include the total cost inclusive of price, taxes, freight, fees, etc.
* Must be able to provide Eagle Mat with a way to validate the lower cost.
* Eagle Mat has the right to refuse any price matching offer or order, if we feel that we cannot substantiate the price to cover all of our costs and/or make the necessary minimum amount of profit that we require to keep our business operating properly.
* Call us 1-800-333-1018 or email 


-Warranty Policy-

All products have a one-year limited warranty from the date the product was shipped, which will be honored as long as certain criteria have been met, including but not limited to, 1) it was the fault of Eagle Mat, 2) the customer has properly maintained the product since receiving it, 3) there was no evidence of negligence by the customer.


-Return Policy-

Eagle Mat and Floor Products is happy to accept returned goods under the following conditions:

1) Return must be made within 10 days of receipt of order.   

2) The customer must call the corporate office (301-762-2000) or send us an email (sales @ (no spaces)) and obtain a
 Return Authorization Number, at which time the customer will also be 
provided with an address where they will ship the good(s).

3) Customer will be charged a 35% re-stocking fee of the total cost of the product(s) being returned, as well as the full original cost of freight to deliver the product(s) to the customer. If there is no physical product to return back to Eagle Mat, such as for a logo mat that the customer is not satisfied with, the customer is still required to pay the cost of freight to initially ship that product to the customer.

4) The customer must pay for return shipping costs.  Additionally, customer agrees to return purchased items in proper packaging to prevent damage during return shipping. 

5) Returned items have not been used, damaged, discontinued, or purchased at a discount, including but not limited to "Clearance Items".  Eagle Mat and Floor Products cannot accept any used, damaged, discontinued, or discounted items under any circumstance.

6) Returned goods are not
 custom orders. This includes, but is not limited to, logo mats (and customized and pre-designed 
mats), custom sized products, custom cut lengths, Elevator Wall Pads, linkable or interlocking 
mats, and/or products with custom colors.

7) Purchased goods are not any type of "Berber Matting", "Cocoa Matting", or "Salon Mats".

8) Purchased goods do not fall under the "Wall & Corner Guards" category/section of the website.

9) The sum of the Cost of All Goods and Freight does not total more than $2,000.00.



Note: Colors in color palettes may not accurately match actual product colors. Please refer to product samples for proper colors.   


If there is an issue with an order and/or the product(s) the customer received, the customer must send an email to Eagle Mat ( within five (5) calendar days and state in writing exactly what that issue is, so that Eagle Mat can correct the issue in a timely and cost effective manner. This email must contain the customer's order number for the product(s) in question and the customer's contact information as well. The customer must also keep that product out-of-use, so that it can be returned to Eagle Mat in "Brand New" condition.   


Eagle Mat is not responsible for any packages or shipments once the shipping company picks up the orders; at that point the shipping company is fully responsible for all Eagle Mat orders, and the customers must then contact that particular shipping company for any issues.


If Eagle Mat ships out an order and the customer is not open for business, not at home or the delivery location, or just not available to receive it for any reason, Eagle Mat is in no way responsible. If an order gets shipped back to Eagle Mat and/or it's production facilities, then the customer is responsible for the cost to ship that order back to the original location that it was shipped from, plus pay additional freight costs to have the order re-delivered to the customer. If the customer needs an order delivered on a specific date, and the customer makes Eagle Mat aware of that date, then we will do our best to meet that date or deadline, but nothing is guaranteed unless Eagle Mat states in writing that they will meet the deadline and the customer pays additional fees for that guaranteed delivery date.


Eagle Mat may require any amount above $3,000.00 that is due and owed to be paid by Check, ACH, or Bank Wire Transfer (instead of Credit Card) and will have to pay any fees associated with those other forms of payment. The money must be received and cleared in to Eagle Mat's bank account before any product(s) will be sent on to Production to be manufactured and shipped out. If a customer wants to pay for an order or invoice by Credit Card that is $3,000.00 or greater, they will have to pay a 3.00% Credit Card Processing Fee.


All price quotes provided by Eagle Mat, unless stated otherwise, are only valid for 30 calendar days. If you need an updated price quote, we will be happy to provide one.


Eagle Mat & Floor Products, Inc. is not responsible in any way (including, but not limited to, legal responsibility) for any faulty products sold, misuse of any products sold, or negligence by the customer. Eagle Mat highly recommends and requires all customers to make sure they have received the proper product(s) ordered and that these products are in proper working order and condition before use. Additionally, we strongly urge all customers to become fully educated on their product(s) before using them.