How to Reduce Contamination With a Clean Room Sticky Mat

How to Reduce Contamination With a Clean Room Sticky Mat

Sticky mats are a very effective way to prevent the spread of contaminants. Sticky mats are designed to be placed outside the doorway to an area that you are trying to keep super clean. In one study, sticky mats outside a hospital’s burn unit removed 56% of pathogens on visitors’ shoes from entering the unit—which […]

How to Install and Use Clean Room and Sticky Mats

Clean Room and Sticky Mats

Clean room and sticky mats are special mats that have removable, disposable sheets. These mats trap dirt and debris from shoes as people walk across them or from wheels as carts are rolled over them. The dirt is held on the uppermost sheet until that sheet is disposed of, leaving a fresh new sheet underneath. […]

Clean Room and Sticky Mats 101

So, what exactly are clean room and sticky mats? They are special mats designed to trap contaminants before they can be tracked into a sterile or sensitive area. They are used by hospitals, laboratories, and in the food services industry, where some products are manufactured in a sterile environment. Even though your employees are working […]

Are Your Office Floors Filthy?


Face it: floors subject to hundreds of different shoes per day are bound to accumulate bacteria and dirt. Unless you’re consistently vacuuming or mopping throughout the day, keeping office floors clean on your own is virtually impossible. Instead of allowing germs and grime to spread across your office floors and potentially harm your employees, leave […]

What is Antimicrobial Matting?

What is Antimicrobial Matting?

Germs and bacteria can spread across floors rapidly, especially in environments where multiple individuals enter and exit on a regular basis. Although you can’t ask employees and customers to remove their shoes upon entry, you can minimize the spread of germs across the floor by installing high-grade floor mats in entryways and lobbies. Aside from […]