Where to Place Floor Mats in a Hospital

Hospital Mats

Floor mats aren’t used nearly enough in hospitals. They look great, and they make areas safer, cleaner, and look better. Here are some hints for where you can use them in hospitals. Entrance. This is the most obvious place to put mats. Choose mats (or let us help you choose them) that remove dirt from […]

Safety Mats for Waterparks

Safety Mats for Waterparks

It’s never too early to start thinking about spring safety. For water parks, February and March are the perfect time to determine which mats, handrails, signs, and other safety products need replaced in preparation for spring. Spring safety preparedness does not end with new product purchases, however. Risk assessments and new safety protocols, when applicable, […]

Mold Prevention 101

Mold prevention has garnered a lot of attention recently from facility managers and property owners alike, and with good reason. Mold can spread rapidly and become a serious facility health issue when left unchecked. In addition to using commercial floor mats to control moisture, readers are invited to use this guide to prevent mold and […]

5 Essential Safety Mats for Schools

5 Essential Safety Mats for Schools

Improve School Safety and Cleanliness with These 5 Mats 1. Ultra-absorbent Entrance Mats for Schools One thing most school buildings have in common is a multitude of different entryways.  Children pass through a school’s many entrances and exits several times each day, often hurriedly and without much attention to safety.  Ensuring that children have a […]

Mat Placement Guide, Part IV: Kitchens and Food Service Areas

Mat Placement Food Service Areas

Welcome back to the fourth and final installation of the Eagle Mat and Floor Products Mat Placement Guide.  So far, we’ve explored the importance of using rubber floor mats in the areas leading up to the entryway of your facility.  In our second installment, we took a step through the front door to examine the […]

Kitchen Matting: 5 Tips for Safety and Functionality in the Kitchen

Kitchen Matting:  5 Tips for Safety and Functionality in the Kitchen

Kitchen mats are an absolute must-have for restaurants, hotels, and other commercial properties that have a fully function kitchen area and staff.  These heavy-duty floor mats perform a variety of functions that increase safety and functionality in cooking, food preparation, and storage areas.  What’s more, kitchen matting is simple and cost-effective to apply.  Property owners […]