The Best Commercial Outdoor Floor Mats

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There are lots of things to think about when selecting outdoor floor mats. Some of the considerations are listed below: Do they clean the soles of shoes, so people aren’t tracking dirt and water everywhere? Do they stay where you put them and not slide around? Are they attractive to the eye? Do they lie […]

Prevent Slips and Falls This Halloween with Weatherproof Mats

Prevent Slips and Falls This Halloween with Weatherproof Mats

Did you know that if a trick-or-treater falls on your doorstep this Halloween, you could be liable for their injuries? With stormy Autumn weather approaching, protecting your home or business from slip and fall accidents is even more pertinent than usual. Without the proper precautions, your doorstep could become an unknowingly dangerous surface for trick-or-treaters. […]

Outdoor Rubber Safety Matting

When it comes to slip and fall prevention, most property owners invest in indoor entrance mats/runners to keep walkways dry and safe. In many scenarios, these carpet mats are adequate in preventing slips, trips, and falls initially. However, performance declines as mats absorb liquids, dirt, and debris. Things get more dangerous on days when wind, […]

Creating an ‘Entrance System’ with Maximum Effectiveness

Maximizing Debris Control

An ‘Entrance System’ contains the incoming dirt, moisture, and debris that crowds of visitors inevitably carry into commercial buildings.  These systems vary depending on the location; Carpet-topped entrance mats are usually used in buildings that experience a low-to-medium degree of daily traffic, while recessed mats and tiles are popular in larger spaces that experience a […]

Mat Placement Guide, Part IV: Kitchens and Food Service Areas

Mat Placement Food Service Areas

Welcome back to the fourth and final installation of the Eagle Mat and Floor Products Mat Placement Guide.  So far, we’ve explored the importance of using rubber floor mats in the areas leading up to the entryway of your facility.  In our second installment, we took a step through the front door to examine the […]

Mat Placement Part I: Outdoor Entry Areas

Mat Placement Guide Part I:  Outdoor

In the first part of this 2 part series, the Eagle Mat Blog will explore the importance of installing commercial floor mats in the outdoor areas of a facility.  Outdoor entry areas must have commercial strength matting for a few reasons.  First, these areas are exposed to the elements; rain, snow, and debris accumulation can […]

An Introduction to Polypropylene

An Introduction to Polypropylene

Just what is a thermoplastic polymer?  Aside from sounding like a futuristic chemical compound from a 1970s science fiction film, a “thermoplastic polymer” is a plastic chemical compound that typically takes a liquid shape when heated.  Then, the material forms a hard and glassy state when cooled.  This “shape-shifting” ability makes thermoplastic polymers ideal for […]