Walk Off Mats

Walk Off MatsThe Eagle Mat team is often asked a simple question:  What are walk-off mats, and how are they different from entrance mats?  The answer is equally simple:  They are one and the same.  The term “walk-off mat” is used to describe an entire category of commercial floor mats that either scrape or wipe debris from the under soles of shoes.  They are most commonly implemented just outside the entrance to a facility (scraper mats) or just inside the entryway (wiper mats).  “Scraper” walk-off mats are made of rubber, vinyl, or weatherproof polypropylene and feature a surface of nubs, prongs, or other teeth-like structures that aggressively sweep and dislodge debris from the shoes.  The most common types of “wiper” mats are carpet-topped, as carpet naturally absorbs the moisture and loosened debris as guests pass through the facility’s entryway and into the lobby or foyer area.

This article will serve as a general guide to assist you in choosing the appropriate walk-off mats for your facility.  Sections include:

  • Commercial Walk Off Mats:  A general overview of the most popular commercial walk off mats for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Rubber Walk Off Mats:  Rubber walk off mats are ideal for outdoor applications.  Storefront sidewalks, stairway landings, and front porches are just a few examples of where these mats are most effective.
  • Eco-Friendly Walk Off Mats:  Reduce your carbon footprint, earn LEED credits, and promote environmental consciousness with Eco-friendly walk off mats, all while effectively controlling dirt and debris.

Commercial Walk Off Mats

Hand-picked by our editorial team, these commercial walk of mats have earned their spot below for being favorites among our clients.  They are made of a variety of materials, including carpet and durable polypropylene, and are effective in their ability to “wipe” dirt and moisture from shoes.  For this reason, it is recommended that the following mats be used just inside the entryway of your facility (though some are perfectly suited for indoor/outdoor use as well).

Premier Carpet Mats: Our most popular walk-off mat, Premier Carpet Mats feature a rubber backing that prevents slippage throughout the day.  Premier Carpet Mats are made with high-twist nylon yarn that is treated with Perma-Dye technology to prevent color fading, all while effectively absorbing large amounts of moisture.  This mat is best placed just inside entryways to dry the shoes of guests and prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

Berber Supreme Entrance Mat:  Berber Supreme Entrance Mats are needed to entryways and lobbies that experience a high level of traffic on a daily basis.  The name Berber has become synonymous with aggressive cleaning ability and long-term durability, making this entrance mat a favorite among commercial locations like hotels, banks, and other Class A office buildings.

Berber Deco Rib:  Berber Deco Rib matting improves upon the original Berber design with horizontal high-low rows that aggressively clean debris and trap it below the mat’s surface.  Deco Rib matting is ideal for large entryways and recessed applications, with custom sizes available up to 13’ wide and 68’ long.

Rubber Walk Off Mats

Rubber walk off mats are often called rubber scraper mats because the effectiveness with which they dislodge large amounts of debris from shoes.  These mats each feature a unique surface that extend upward and cleans the under soles of shoes much like a toothbrush cleans teeth.

Rubber Scraper Mat:  Rubber Scraper Mats are made entirely of heavy duty Nitrile rubber and feature a deeply textured surface that “squeegees” both moisture and debris from the under soles of shoes.  This particular walk off mat is a valuable addition the to area just outside your facility, providing a safe anti-slip surface on which guests may wipe their feet.

Rubber Scraper ECO Mat:  Rubber Scraper ECO Mats improve upon the traditional Rubber Scraper Mat with a construction that uses 100% recycled rubber.  Reduce your carbon footprint and display your commitment to a Greener world without sacrificing durability, style, or safety.

Rubber Pronged Mat:  Rubber Pronged Mats feature thousands of vertical rubber “teeth” that aggressively scrub the under soles of shoes as guests traverse the surface.  These prongs are spaced to allow dirt and debris to fall below the surface where it will remain until the mat is cleaned.

Why Use Walk Off Mats?

The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA) estimates that upwards of 60% of bacteria and debris are carried into a building on the shoes of visitors (i).  Walk off mats are a cost effective means of controlling that statistic, working to clean debris and bacteria from guests’ shoes to prevent it from spreading throughout the facility.  Implementing walk off mats may also improve indoor air quality (IAQ) for much the same reason, as controlling bacteria and debris at the entryway of a facility prevents it from spreading on the floor as well as through the air.

Aside from bacteria and debris control, walk off mats create a safe environment for both employees and visitors.  For example, placing a Rubber Scraper Mat on the outside of an entryway will give employees and guests a place to “squeegee” debris from their shoes on rainy days.  Complementing the scraper mat with a Premier Carpet Mat on the interior side of the entryway will give guests a place to dry their feet, and it will prevent water from accumulating on the floor.

Walk Off Mat Consultation

Are you retrofitting your facility with commercial walk off mats?  Contact Eagle Mat to speak with an experienced member of our Client Services team.  For more than 30 years, Eagle Mat has been a leader in commercial floor mat rental, sale, and consultation in the Washington D.C. Metro Area.  It is our pleasure to assist you in finding walk off matting solutions that will accomplish your facility’s safety, hygiene, and risk management goals.

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