7 Tips to Minimize Accident Risks in the Office

7 Tips to Minimize Accident Risks in the Office

Slips, trips, and falls cause 15 percent of accidental deaths. And one million Americans will suffer a slip, trip or fall injury this year. There are some really simple things you can do to lower this and other accident risks at the office. Here are seven tips to get you started: Put down some mats. […]

Announcing the “Step into Spring” Sale 2017

spring sale

EagleMat.com, a global flooring solutions and commercial building products company, is excited to announce our Step into Spring Sale 2017. Workers Memorial Day is this Friday, April 28, reminding employers and facility managers the critical importance of safety materials, worker training and prevention strategy. The spring season marks the inception of recurrent safety issues in commercial […]

Wet Floors Are More Serious Than You May Think

wet floors

Wet floors are a serious commercial safety hazard that, unfortunately, don’t get the publicity they require. You may hear about the latest slip and fall lawsuit between a customer and major consumer-based brand. But, do you stop and consider your own public or occupational facility every time? Or, like the thousands of other business owners […]

Why Rubber Scraper Mats are Essential to Spring Safety

rubber scraper mats

While spring is one of the most exciting times of the year, the annual transition to warmer weather has its downside. Thanks to additional rainfall, spring weather creates safety hazards both inside and outside of commercial spaces. Slip and falls caused by tracked rain and wet entryways cost American businesses billions in combined settlement fees, lost […]

Target Slip and Fall Accident Results in $2.1 Million Verdict

  From cosmetics to groceries, many people trust Target for their shopping needs. And, like any retailer or commercial business, Target is responsible for the well-being of both shopping customers and employees. Even the smallest oversight can lead to a debilitating injury or expensive lawsuit, as such was the case with Melissa Horton. On March […]

3 Slip and Fall Accident Tips for Businesses

slip and fall accident

Slip and fall accidents aren’t just distressing – they can be deadly. More than 31,000 Americans died in 2014 due to falling, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). In the workplace, almost 600 people died and 47,000 were injured from a fall. While most slip and fall accidents are prevented with floor safety supplies, […]

Slips and Falls Are the Biggest Cause of ER Visits


Each year, millions of Americans visit the Emergency Room (ER) after sustaining accidental injuries. Accidents happen to everyone, and the most common reasons for ER visits involve a range causes and objects, including bathtubs, chairs, and stairways. Looking at this list of top 10 reasons for ER visits can be extremely valuable for facility managers […]

6 Things to Do in the Wake of a Storm

6 Things to Do in the Wake of a Storm

A massive snowstorm blanketed the Eastern Seaboard over the weekend, showering more than 3 feet of snow in some areas. This time lapse of Washington D.C. during the storm shows the extent to which this enormous blizzard caused a standstill in our nation’s capital. In the wake of the weekend’s massive snowstorm, businesses along the […]

Top Eagle Mat Resources for Safety on Black Friday

Top Eagle Mat Resources for Safety on Black Friday

With November nearly half over, retailers are beginning to prepare storefronts for Black Friday. Each year, property owners balance shopper enthusiasm with the need for safety to ensure a smooth and injury-free event for all in attendance. This year, the editors of the Eagle Mat Blog invite business owners to review the following tips on […]

Prevent Slips and Falls This Halloween with Weatherproof Mats

Prevent Slips and Falls This Halloween with Weatherproof Mats

Did you know that if a trick-or-treater falls on your doorstep this Halloween, you could be liable for their injuries? With stormy Autumn weather approaching, protecting your home or business from slip and fall accidents is even more pertinent than usual. Without the proper precautions, your doorstep could become an unknowingly dangerous surface for trick-or-treaters. […]