Product Spotlight: Marble Top Mat

The Marble Top Anti-Fatigue Mat is among the most popular commercial-grade anti fatigue mats available. Durable and highly effective, the Marble Top is most commonly used in production facilities and industrial settings where preventing floor damage and worker fatigue are both top priorities. Superior Comfort. At it’s core, the Marble Top mat is made using […]

Product Spotlight: Hog Heaven Plush

The Hog Heaven Plush Anti-Fatigue Mat is a very popular product among facilities that want to take a proactive step toward a safer and more comfortable work environment. Whether you employ creatives at standing desks or technicians in laboratories, the Hog Heaven line of anti-fatigue mats keeps employees feeling fresh and focused throughout the day. […]

Find a Durable Standing Desk Mat

The Best Mats for Standing Desks and Work Stations The standing desk, mat, and ergonomic workflow trend has taken American businesses by storm. From Washington D.C. to Los Angeles, it seems most businesses recognize the health and productivity benefits of standing at a desk during work. Naturally, anti-fatigue comfort mats are the sensible complement to […]