Protect Your Business From Slip-and-Fall Scams

Protect Your Business From Slip-and-Fall Scams

At Eagle Mat & Floor Products, we spend a lot of time warning our customers about the dangers of slips and falls at their businesses or facilities. That is because slip and fall accidents by employees and visitors cost American companies billions of dollars every year. Preventing such accidents through an investment in high-quality, anti-slip […]

Winter Storm Preparedness for 2019

Winter Storm Preparedness for 2019

There are tons of things you can do to prepare your place of business for winter. We’re going to give you a handy list of some super easy ideas that will really make a difference and make everyone safer. Get some mats.  Seriously. Accidents, like falling down or slipping on a wet floor, are more […]

Get Ready for the Busiest Shopping Days of 2018

Get Ready for the Busiest Shopping Days of 2018

The predicted busiest shopping days for 2018 are in. And in this group, Black Friday is predicted to be the one busiest shopping day of the year. Here are the dates: Friday, November 23 – Black Friday Saturday, December 22 – Super Saturday Saturday, December 15 Sunday, December 23 Saturday, November 24 Saturday, December 8 […]

3 Slip and Fall Accident Tips for Businesses

slip and fall accident

Slip and fall accidents aren’t just distressing – they can be deadly. More than 31,000 Americans died in 2014 due to falling, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). In the workplace, almost 600 people died and 47,000 were injured from a fall. While most slip and fall accidents are prevented with floor safety supplies, […]

3 Springtime Workplace Safety Hazards to Avoid

workplace safety hazards

The spring season is on the horizon, prompting many business owners to reanalyze current and potential workplace safety hazards. As weather fluctuates, new issues that create unsafe or unhealthy commercial environments arise. It’s important to consider how the change of seasons impacts your current workplace and what steps you can take to avoid potential pitfalls. […]

Why Prioritizing Workplace Safety Increases Profit

workplace safety increases profit

Every business has a bottom line goal, but the strategy to reach mass profit differs. However, one tactic can benefit all companies’ profitability and sales – workplace safety. Right now, you may be abiding by workplace safety standards to avoid penalties from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), thus maintaining profit by eliminating such unplanned fees. […]

Homeowner Safety Tips

at home matting products

Being a responsible homeowner comes with many duties: pay your mortgage on time if you’ve decided to take out a loan, call out for repairs when something is damaged, and take care of your utility bills each month. Many new buyers forget about the responsibility of keeping your home clean to eliminate safety hazards for […]

Are Employers Responsible for Temporary Workers?


Although temporary workers and independent contractors aren’t awarded salary or health benefits, they do have the right to be safe and healthy when working at your office or manufacturing center – no matter the duration of the job. Typically, both a staffing agency and host employer are responsible for complying with Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) […]

Minimizing the Risk of Slip and Fall Accidents

Do you worry about the safety of your workspace and your employees’ health? Many business owners, property managers and facility specialists share the same concerns over the well-being of employees, customers and visitors, but being proactive can help diminish the probability of slip and fall accidents and the potential lawsuits that follow. Use the following […]