Product Spotlight: Stair Treads

How to Select & Install Beautiful Stair Treads

‍Slips, trips and falls happen every day at workplace stairways and all business owners can benefit from stairway safety. In particular, stair treads can help prevent potential accidents or falls. They are applied directly to the stepping surfaces of stairs and perform many functions. Eagle Mat’s stair treads help to control debris, increase traction and […]

How to Select & Install Beautiful Stair Treads

How to Select & Install Beautiful Stair Treads

Stairs are no longer the utilitarian necessity of yesteryear. Today more and more architects and interior designers are making stairs an integral part of overall design, and making them a beautiful feature in and of themselves. So, how can you make stairs beautiful? Safety. Whatever you do with design, make sure your stairs first meet […]

Watch Where You Step, Please: Stair Treads

How to Select & Install Beautiful Stair Treads

According to the National Safety Council, in the United States, there are one million accidents each year involving stairs. Falling in or near the stairs is second only to car accidents for leading causes of accidental injury. So, when you’re making your business safer for everyone in every room, don’t forget the stairs. And do […]

Stairway Safety at Your Place of Business

Stairway Safety

There are all kinds of laws that govern safety in the workplace. In the US, the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration spells out a number of rules about stairways including 1926.1052(a)(7) “Slippery conditions on stairways shall be eliminated before the stairways are used to reach other levels.” This particular rule is easy […]

Comparing Stair Treads

Stair Treads

When you’re considering your commercial flooring, don’t forget about the stairs. Slippery stairs are a terrible hazard. Let’s take a look at the different types of stair treads you can add to your stairs. Stair treads are basically divided into three types: vinyl, rubber, and aluminum, and we carry all three types. This is what […]

Solutions for Slippery Stairs

What Stair Treads Are Best for Wet Areas?

The only thing worse than slippery floors is slippery stairs. Special tread coverings do several jobs: they channel dirt, debris, and water away; and they offer traction and friction for the shoes. These products for the stairs provide safe footing for your employees and your customers. Fortunately, we have plenty of stair tread treatments to […]

Slips and Falls Are the Biggest Cause of ER Visits


Each year, millions of Americans visit the Emergency Room (ER) after sustaining accidental injuries. Accidents happen to everyone, and the most common reasons for ER visits involve a range causes and objects, including bathtubs, chairs, and stairways. Looking at this list of top 10 reasons for ER visits can be extremely valuable for facility managers […]

What Stair Treads Are Best for Wet Areas?

What Stair Treads Are Best for Wet Areas?

Stair treads are vital in slip and fall prevention, especially in areas that experience wetness. Whether an outdoor stairwell that is exposed to rain, or an indoor stairwell exposed to liquid accumulation, wet areas pose a serious threat that must be addressed in order to prevent serious injury to employees, customers, and guests. Eagle Mat […]

Preventing Slips on Stairways


Slip, trip, and fall accidents are all too common in the workplace. STFs, as they are commonly referred to, compromise more than employees’ health. Employees or patrons who suffer an STF-related injury might experience long-term pain, permanent disability, depression, high medical expenses, or even death. Beyond physical injury alone, the cost of STFs to employers […]

Save on Our Best Selling Safety Products This Fall

This Fall, Eagle Mat and Floor Products announces a special on our most popular facility safety products. Shop custom-made commercial matting, crowd control, elevator pads, and much more, all reduced to industry-low prices. The Eagle Mat Fall Sale includes Free Shipping and a 100% Price Match Guarantee on all online orders, making this October your […]