How to Make Your Office More Inviting for Customers and Clients

How to Make Your Office More Inviting for Customers and Clients

If you regularly meet with clients and customers in your office, there are plenty of easy things you can do to make the experience more pleasant for the one sitting on the other side of the desk. Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere is good business. The client is less likely to come back if […]

The Top 3 Recommended Mats for Schools and Classrooms

Mats for Schools and Classrooms

Schools are not a lot different from other commercial or office environments. Schools have heavy, foot traffic, the floors must withstand a lot of wear and tear, and safety for everyone is paramount. While children attending schools may be smaller and lighter, as far as wear and tear is concerned, the kids make up for […]

Choosing Door Mats 101

Cohesive marketing campaign

You may not realize it, but there’s a lot to think about before choosing a doormat. But selection is a common sense process and isn’t difficult, so here is your quick checklist when choosing a doormat. Size Matters The bigger the better. Make sure the mat is at least big enough for someone to stand […]

How to Develop a Cohesive Branding Campaign

Cohesive marketing campaign

Marketing doesn’t stop at funding advertising spots to generate sales. Branding is a vital component of a strong marketing campaign, which many new entrepreneurs tend to forget. Developing a strong, clear company message to the public is the first step in gaining consumer trust. Follow these tips to make your marketing and branding campaign as […]

5 Essential Mats for Elevators

5 Essential Mats for Elevators

Elevator pads are a sure way to prevent accidental damage and high repair costs. In both passenger and freight elevators, these hanging wall pads provide a first line of defense against horizontal impacts. Mats for elevators are equally as essential, helping to keep elevator floors from accumulating unwanted scratches, nicks, and damage over years of […]

Most Popular Logo Mats for Business


At Eagle Mat and Floor Products, we are proud to offer one of the largest and most diversified collections of commercial floor mats and facility safety products available online. In honor of summer, our editors have assembled this list of our most popular logo mats for businesses like banks, hotels, and other commercial spaces. Carpet […]

Fall Product Spotlight: Graphic Impressions Logo Mat

Graphic Impressions Logo Mat

Welcome back to the Fall Product Spotlight article series on the Eagle Mat Blog! With fall just around the corner, business owners are beginning to revamp risk management programs in anticipation of busy crowds and unpredictable weather. Last week, we showcased Waterhog entry matting as one of the industry’s most popular and versatile safety matting […]