Benefits of Sit or Stand Desks and Their Appropriate Flooring Solutions

sit or stand desks

There’s a new trend in office ergonomics which is sit or stand desks. We’re going to take a look at the benefits of offering sit or stand desks to your employees, and what the best flooring solutions are for these areas. Some—but not all—of the benefits Employees are happier if they can move around. No […]

Guide to the Perfect Mat

Why Is Carpet Padding or Cushion Important?

Safety floor mats are commonly used in manufacturing workstations and industrial work cells. Typical features include protection from chemicals, oils, and spills. Depending on the intended application and desired functionality, different floor mats feature different design features. Follow the Eagle Mat Guide to the Perfect Mat to decide which floor mat works best for your business. o you have other questions? […]

Summer Camp Liability—Making Your Floors Safe

Summer Camp Liability—Making Your Floors Safe

For those in the summer camp business, you’re probably getting ready for the summer rush of youngsters. While you’re checking menus and going over equipment, don’t forget the floors. Kids can slip, trip, or fall just as easily as grown-ups. Because of their lower center of gravity, when kids fall, they tend to fall head […]