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Eagle Mat has provided commercial floor products, floor mats, and flooring services for over 30 years. We began as a services company for commercial businesses in the Baltimore, Washington, and Northern Virginia areas. We are proud to bring our commercial matting expertise online! We welcome all visitors to shop our wide selection of commercial mats. Eagle Mat is proud to offer a 100% Price Match Guarantee on all products. Now, visitors may rest assured that they will never pay more for their matting! We invite you to browse our comprehensive collection of industry-leading matting and property management products.

Today, Eaglemat.com does more than sell mats to businesses. We help commercial businesses of all sizes create lasting impressions with their clients and customers. Our selection of commercial floor mats is more than simple floor coverings. The matting products on Eaglemat.com help businesses create clean, safe, and professional-looking workspaces. We understand that taking pride in clean commercial spaces shows a commitment to the health and safety of others. It is our belief that placing employee comfort and customer experience above other priorities is instrumental in long term profitability.

Eagle Mat is proud to offer mats for any budget. We have a large collection of premium mats that are superb for those who desire unparalleled quality. We also carry a variety of economical matting products that are ideal for commercial property owners on a tight budget. Regardless of budget constraints, our 100% Price Match Guarantee will help you find the products you need at prices that are simply unbeatable.

Eagle Mat Customer Service is available at 877-333-1018 to assist in Price Match Guarantee redemption as well as general service calls. Our experienced customer service team is ready to help you find the commercial mats and property management products you need, today!

Eagle Mat helped many local and national businesses to better connect with customers and employees in 2011. These companies used the following commercial matting and property management products to increase the safety, comfort, and appeal of their facilities:

  • Logo Mats: Logo mats are one of the most memorable and cost effective way to communicate a brand image or message. Most commercial entrance mats can be adorned with a company logo, slogan, and custom color scheme with uncompromising clarity. Logo mats are available in leading carpet, rubber, polypropylene, and vinyl models.
  • Entrance Mats: Commercial floor mats are used in entryways for both safety and aesthetic purposes. Eagle Mat is proud to offer the largest selection of entrance mats available in a wide variety of vivid colors and textures. From weatherproof polypropylene to eco-friendly rubber, your business is sure to find a beautiful and fully functional floor mat that will also complement preexisting interior décor.
  • Recessed Mats and Grills: Recessed mats and grill systems offer the best combination of debris control and safety. These systems are installed within the floor so its surface and your floor space lie flush to one another. Recessed mats and grills may be added retroactively to finished floor spaces. Eagle Mat also offers surface mounted recessed mats for those commercial locations that do not wish to remove a portion of their flooring to accommodate installation.
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats: Also known as soft floor matting, anti-fatigue mats create a comfortable and supportive environment in which to work. Companies invest in anti-fatigue matting products to increase the quality of time spent at work. These businesses understand that investing in employee comfort has a positive impact on productivity and overall profitability.
  • Waterhog Mats: The name 'Waterhog' is synonymous with quality and unmatched performance. Waterhog mats have a surface made of highly resilient polypropylene fibers, and they are backed with skid-resistant commercial grade rubber. This combination delivers tough cleaning power and gives most Waterhog mats the ability to absorb over 1.5 gallons of water. Also available is the ECO line of Waterhog mats. These sustainable mats are a favorite among LEED projects, Green builders, and other organizations with Earth-honoring business models.
  • Eco-friendly Mats: Eagle Mat is committed to helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint in 2012. Eco-friendly mats on Eaglemat.com help businesses to reduce environmental impact, gain LEED credits, and proactively contribute towards a better planet.
  • Elevator Pads: Elevator pads are essential for both residential and commercial buildings. These protective pads hang vertically along the interior of an elevator cab to protect walls from accidental scratching and damage. Elevator pads on Eaglemat.com are available in vinyl, canvas, and may even be customized with a company logo.


Floor Mats, Mat Rentals, & Professional Laundering Services by Eagle Mat

Eagle Mat also offers commercial matting services to local businesses in the following areas: Maryland, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and South Florida. Local businesses in these areas are encouraged to contact Eagle Mat to speak with qualified sales representatives about specific services. Other services include:

  • Floor Mats Rental: Enroll in hassle-free rental and rotation of mats.
  • Mat Personalization: Customize your commercial floor mats with a company insignia or slogan.
  • Mat Laundering: Have your mats laundered and returned in pristine condition. Keeping your facility clean has never been easier!
  • Other services include on-site consultation and expert installation.

For more information, please contact Eagle Mat online or call directly at 877-333-1018.