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Commercial Flooring Services

Eagle Mat and Floor Products provides a variety of commercial matting and flooring services to individuals and businesses located in the following areas:

  • Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan areas. 
  • South Florida

Businesses and individuals located outside of our service areas may still shop our extensive collection of commercial matting and flooring products through our online store.

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Rental Services:  Creating First Impressions that Last

First impressions are everything.  Eagle Mat understands that the appearance of your workplace speaks volumes of your commitment to high quality service.  We strive to provide businesses with rental services that keep properties looking clean, safe, and professional.  Our rental services impact more than just your visitors and potential clients.  They create a clean, comfortable, and safe environment for each member of your organization, enhancing productivity and moral at the very core of your business.

  • Our rental service creates 2 identical versions of each qualifying floor mat.  The first set of floor mats is extracted and replaced with the second set well before dirt, debris, and excessive moisture accumulation become hazardous and unsightly. 
  • Floor mats are thoroughly laundered to remove dirt, moisture, and other residue that on-site cleaning typically leaves behind.
  • Rotation occurs every 1 to 2 weeks, or as necessary given your unique cleaning needs.
  • Laundering service eliminates the hassle of ongoing maintenance while ensuring that facilities remain safe and professional in appearance.

Please note:  Laundering services are available in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan areas only.  Due to cleaning techniques, not all floor mats qualify for our rental and laundering services.  Please contact Eagle Mat for more information on qualifying products.  

New!  Eagle Mat excitedly offers rental and laundering services for dust mops.  These large mops are ideal for use in schools, gymnasiums, office buildings, and other spaces with large floor spaces that need regular cleaning.  Sizes include:  18, 24, 36, 48, and 60 inches in width.

Commercial Carpet and Flooring Services

Carpet Consultation and Installation

Carpet installation requires a professional touch.  Areas must be covered in a seamless manner with a high attention to detail in order to create a professional and safe environment.  Eagle Mat proudly offers professional sales teams to assist businesses in choosing materials, space planning and measuring, and expert installation of carpet products.

We are happy to provide businesses within our service area with product samples, advice, and installation.  Contact Eagle Mat to schedule an appointment with a member of our experienced sales team.


Other Installation Services

Eagle Mat offers professional installation of the following additional products for businesses located within our service areas:

  • All floor mat products
  • Elevator wall pads
  • Commercial flooring, including floor tiles and hardwood flooring purchased through Eagle Mat and Floor Products


Please contact Eagle Mat to learn more about these services
and schedule an appointment with a member of our qualified sales team.