Garage Floor Coverings: What to Consider Prior to Purchase

Garage Floor Coverings- What to Consider Prior to Purchase

Concrete can be considered one of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing flooring materials used in almost all types of establishments from commercial, industrial, and even residential buildings. When used in garages, however, garage floor coverings are essential in preserving the functionality, structural integrity, and overall appearance of concrete over time. Once upon a time, […]

Best Mats for Gas Stations

Durable Mats for Gas Stations

Rubber mats are in high demand for most retail outlets, and in no scenario is that more true than fuel dispensaries like gas stations.  Gas stations are heavily trafficked each and every day, and most locations adopt a 24/7 operating policy simply to fuel the seemingly never-ending demand for gasoline and other convenience items.   In […]

Garage Floor Tile and Mat Installation Tips from Better Life Technologies

Garage Floor Tile and Mat Installation

Mr. David Begley of Better Life Technologies joins the Eagle Mat Blog for this exclusive guide to professional garage flooring installation.  Better Life Technologies (BLT) manufactures the industry’s most resilient and easy-to-install garage floor coverings. “One thing people should know is that our garage flooring products are very easy to install,” Mr. Begley explains.  “You […]