An Introduction to Polypropylene

An Introduction to Polypropylene

Just what is a thermoplastic polymer?  Aside from sounding like a futuristic chemical compound from a 1970s science fiction film, a “thermoplastic polymer” is a plastic chemical compound that typically takes a liquid shape when heated.  Then, the material forms a hard and glassy state when cooled.  This “shape-shifting” ability makes thermoplastic polymers ideal for […]

High Traffic Entries: 5 Recessed Solutions to Consider

High Traffic Entries:  5 Recessed Solutions to Consider

Recessed mats are not new in the commercial matting business and it has been helping many businesses already. However, still some business owners refuse to invest in recessed mats because it is pricier than the average commercial mats. Many businesses have benefited from recessed mat applications in the entryways to their commercial or production facilities.  […]

Covering Elevator Walls: An Introduction to Popular Padding Materials

An Introuction to Popular Elevator Padding Materials

Making the choice to invest in elevator pads is an essential step towards preserving the interior of your elevator cab.  These thick pads are mounted near the top of each wall panel, hanging vertically to prevent damage to elevator controls and other delicate pieces of décor.  Elevator protection pads come in a wide variety of […]

Using Eco-Friendly Products to Save the Planet

Saving the Planet with Eco-Friendly Products

Reading the title alone can sound far fetched but after reading this passage, you will believe that using eco-friendly mats is a great business move to make. Even though your business does not contribute to the pollution and spread of harmful chemicals in the atmosphere, you should still make a move to prevent this from […]

Environmentally Friendly Products at Work

Environmentall Friendly Products

Since the creation of eco-friendly mats, these mats are highly recommended to consumers. Instead of ordering the regular carpets and commercial mats, consumers are urged to go green by purchasing mats that reduce carbon emissions and reuse recycled materials during construction. This helps to prevent excessive carbon production, it encourages sustainable production practices, and it […]

Protecting Elevators at Home and at Work

Protecting Elevators at Home and at Work

Elevator pads protect more than just the interior of the elevator cab.  Yes:  These protective pads hang vertically to cover the walls and control panels of an elevator.  However, elevator protection pads also protect passengers who ride in the cab while transporting commercial goods, furniture, and other large objects. Elevators at Home The most common […]

How Effective Are Anti-Fatigue Products?

How Effective Are Anti-Fatigue Products?

You have probably heard of anti-fatigue mats. These are unique type of commercial floor mat that are highly effective in keeping employees productive all day. These products are indeed the real deal. These mats are effective in keeping employees performing at their best the whole day. Their fatigue and exhaustion are lessened which leads to […]

Indoor/Outdoor At-Home Matting Products

at home matting products

Residential door mats have a wide range of uses including safety and prevention of bacteria accumulation. It is tempting to think that matting products are simply floor coverings that contain dirt.  Although it is true that matting products are designed to absorb dust and dirt, they also serve an aesthetic function.  Mats may add to […]