How to Choose the Perfect Floor Mat Color

How to Choose the Perfect Floor Mat Color

When you’re choosing floor mats, you have a lot of choices to make. There are mats for inside, outside, inside and outside, different sizes, different shapes, and different textures. And then there’s color. So how do you best choose a color for your floor mat? Pick something that goes with existing décor. You don’t want […]

How to Choose the Perfect Floor Mat

How Eco-Friendly Floor Mats Can Boost Your Green Cred

If you’re new to commercial floor mats, there’s an art and a science to selecting the right ones. Essentially, you’ll want to consider the following: Where is the mat going? (or where should it be placed?) How much traffic will it get? What kind of traffic will it get? What type of dirt or water […]

The Differences Between Mats, Rugs, and Carpets

The Differences Between Mats, Rugs, and Carpets

Some people use the words “mat,” “rug,” and “carpet” interchangeably, while other people are not clear on exactly what the differences are—if any. We’re going to explain the differences to you here… Mats Mats are typically the smallest of the three, although there are giant mats, too. Mats are manufactured for a specific purpose, depending […]

How Should You Wash Bathroom Mats?

5 Tips To Keep Your Entrance Floor Mats Looking New

Obviously, you should always check with the manufacturer’s instructions before washing any commercial mat. But it’s not complicated, and we even prepared a pdf file specifically for washing urinal mats. Here’s what you need to know: We generally recommend (unless the manufacturer says something different) a break temperature of 140oF. Drying is usually not necessary. […]

How to Make Your Office More Inviting for Customers and Clients

How to Make Your Office More Inviting for Customers and Clients

If you regularly meet with clients and customers in your office, there are plenty of easy things you can do to make the experience more pleasant for the one sitting on the other side of the desk. Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere is good business. The client is less likely to come back if […]

Winter Is Here: Top 3 Reasons to Have High-Quality Mats

Having proper mats is important all year round. But it’s especially important in the winter when slips, trips, and falls skyrocket. It’s also surprising to note that 70 percent of these falls are on level ground. If you’re going to get mats for your business premises, then get good ones. High-quality mats look better, last […]

Best Floor Mats for Fall

Floor mats for fall

Sprucing up your office or retail space between seasons is always a good idea, especially since colder and wetter weather conditions negatively impact floor safety. Rather than let your employees and patrons walk precariously, it’s time to install top-of-the-line mats to give everyone – including yourself – peace of mind. To help you prepare your […]