How to Select a New Logo Mat for Your Business

How to Select a New Logo Mat for Your Business

Behind every successful business is a clear brand identity. Brand awareness is becoming more important in a globalized and changeable marketplace. To achieve this, you need to communicate your brand effectively at every possible opportunity. Conveying your marque in the best light at every touch point is vital to creating and sustaining a positive brand […]

Best Areas to Add Custom Floor Mats

Best Areas to Add Custom Floor Mats

Customized logo floor mats are the perfect addition to any business! Create a custom logo mat and make a lasting impression with your clientele. Our custom floor mats are printed with leading-edge digital printers. This ensures crisp designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Greet your visitors with personalized floor matting products using a near-limitless […]

How to Select the Best Custom Floor Mat for Your Project

How to Select the Best Custom Floor Mat for Your Project

We’ve mentioned before the idea of using logo mats. Logo mats are often used as part of a bigger marketing plan and branding strategy to make your company’s name or logo stay in the mind of your customer or client. But there are lots of other uses for custom floor mats. Just because they are […]

3 Ways to Wow Customers

How Entrance Mats Can Leave a Great First Impression With Retail Customers

Are you looking for new ways to impress your clientele? Interior design makes a lasting impression on customers, especially in aesthetic-driven businesses, like fashion shops, where showcasing an overall style is crucial to hitting your target market. Customers at any business, regardless of niche, may look at a less-than-stellar office, store or restaurant as a […]

Logo Design Tips for Your Next Berber Mat

The Berber logo mat is one of the industry’s most popular entrance mats. The mat itself is made of an extremely resilient material that features a well known Berber pattern that is familiar yet assuring. The high-low design is not only aggressive in cleaning dirt and debris from shoes, but also highly effective in trapping […]

Tips for Designing Mats with Logos

Welcome mat with logo image.

Logo floor mats have become more popular in use by the companies to give that extra detail to the customers they serve.  These vibrant, customized entrance mats depict the company’s brand image and tell visitors that the business establishment is keen on the details.  This works to establish a very positive first impression with the […]

Mat Placement Part II: Lobbies and Service Areas

mat placement part II: indoor areas

The interior of the entrance area likewise requires a unique floor mat.  These lobby areas are where guests gather, and often times it is these areas that make the first impression on a customer.  For indoor lobby spaces, one must first consider the amount of traffic the location will experience.  Based on this estimate, one […]