How to Select the Best Custom Floor Mat for Your Project

How to Select the Best Custom Floor Mat for Your Project

We’ve mentioned before the idea of using logo mats. Logo mats are often used as part of a bigger marketing plan and branding strategy to make your company’s name or logo stay in the mind of your customer or client. But there are lots of other uses for custom floor mats. Just because they are […]

The Differences Between Mats, Rugs, and Carpets

The Differences Between Mats, Rugs, and Carpets

Some people use the words “mat,” “rug,” and “carpet” interchangeably, while other people are not clear on exactly what the differences are—if any. We’re going to explain the differences to you here… Mats Mats are typically the smallest of the three, although there are giant mats, too. Mats are manufactured for a specific purpose, depending […]

What Are Heavy Duty Commercial Floor Mats?

The Differences Between Mats, Rugs, and Carpets

Heavy duty commercial floor mats are any of the commercial mats that are designed for high-traffic areas. “Heavy duty” just means the mats are designed and manufactured for hard use in commercial applications. These mats come in different categories, so let’s take a look at some of them. Entrance Mats These are all heavy duty […]

What Are the Best Types of Walk-off Mats?

What are the Best Types of Walkoff Mats?

Walk-off mats are sometimes called scraper mats, but those are just synonyms for commercial entrance mats that are designed to scrape the bottoms of shoes as people walk into a commercial space. There are several reasons you need entrance mats: The office or commercial space looks better if people aren’t tracking dirt and water throughout […]

The 4 Best Places to Put Office Mats

The 4 Best Places to Put Office Mats

Some people want to put mats in their offices, but aren’t quite sure where they belong. So, we’re going to give you some easy guidelines here. Entrances and Exits This is the first place to put mats. You want to trap all the dirt and water in the mat that people would otherwise bring inside […]

Commercial Flooring Trends for 2019

Commercial Flooring Trends for 2019

Every new year brings new trends in design. There are always new ideas and new trends in fashion, interior design, color choices, and commercial spaces. Let’s take a look at what’s new in commercial flooring trends for 2019. Color. Bright colors, eclectic color choices and geometric patterns with color are all fresh and new for […]

Improving Safety in Multi-Tenant Spaces

multi-tentant spaces

We always remind you that accidents at the workplace are expensive. Each slip, trip, or fall incident at the workplace costs the employer an average of $40,000. Owning or managing a multi-tenant space is a big responsibility. So, today, as we head into winter we’d like to give you some hints on improving safety in […]

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Matting Products

Floor Safety

In recent months, the Eagle Mat Blog has covered numerous ways in which commercial floor mats are a vital component to the safety and cleanliness of most business operations.  In last week’s article, we covered many of those operational benefits in an article titled Top 5 Matting Products for Your Business.  Today, we would like to […]

Outdoor Floor Mats for Your Business

Outdoor Floor Mats

If you’re trying to cut down on that $1 billion dollar per year spent by businesses on slips, trips, and falls, then you should have some mats outside your office or business as well as inside. Having mats on the outside—outside of front or side or back doors—prevents water, snow, ice, dirt, and debris from […]

Workplace Comfort: Mats, Tiles, & More

Tips for Improving Office Ergonomics with Workplace Mats

Smart business owners understand that comfort is not a luxury. Rather, it is a fundamental driver that builds employee happiness, productivity, safety, and innovation. Without feelings of safety and security, businesses cannot hope to foster a company culture that thrives. Alarmingly, billions of dollars are lost each year by American businesses that fail to invest […]