Measuring for Elevator Pads: An Instructional Video

How to Install Elevator Wall Studs

When buying elevator pads, you need to know the exact measurement of the walls of the elevator. You can measure the dimensions by simply using a measuring tape. When it comes to the thickness of the elevator pads, you must evaluate what type of cargo is usually transported.  Watch as our team explains the best way […]

How Much Do Custom Elevator Pads Cost and Why Do I Need Them?

How to Install Elevator Wall Studs

Custom Elevator Pads Protect Costly Finishes You need elevator pads to protect the nice finishes in your elevators. If you don’t protect the finishes, you will spend more money on repairing your elevator—taking it offline in the process—than you would have spent on the custom elevator pads in the first place. Not only is a […]

5 Essential Mats for Elevators

5 Essential Mats for Elevators

Elevator pads are a sure way to prevent accidental damage and high repair costs. In both passenger and freight elevators, these hanging wall pads provide a first line of defense against horizontal impacts. Mats for elevators are equally as essential, helping to keep elevator floors from accumulating unwanted scratches, nicks, and damage over years of […]

How to Install Elevator Wall Studs

How to Install Elevator Wall Studs

The decision to purchase elevator pads is both sensible and forward-thinking.  From wall panels to floor, and everything in between, the interior elements of an elevator cab can be expensive to repair.  Elevator pads ensure wall panels, handrails, and other pieces of décor stay protected during the transportation of heavy freight and cargo.  Ordering a […]

Your Facility’s Risk Management Plan, Pt. IV

Your Facilitys Risk Management Plan IV

Proactive risk management is the number one way for an organization to prevent unnecessary loss.  From a reduction in work-related accidents to improvements in employee moral, effective risk management has a profoundly positive impact that ripples throughout an organization.   In the Your Facility’s Management Plan series, our editors have explored inherently-risky facility areas that require […]

Covering Elevator Walls: An Introduction to Popular Padding Materials

An Introuction to Popular Elevator Padding Materials

Making the choice to invest in elevator pads is an essential step towards preserving the interior of your elevator cab.  These thick pads are mounted near the top of each wall panel, hanging vertically to prevent damage to elevator controls and other delicate pieces of décor.  Elevator protection pads come in a wide variety of […]

Protecting Elevators at Home and at Work

Protecting Elevators at Home and at Work

Elevator pads protect more than just the interior of the elevator cab.  Yes:  These protective pads hang vertically to cover the walls and control panels of an elevator.  However, elevator protection pads also protect passengers who ride in the cab while transporting commercial goods, furniture, and other large objects. Elevators at Home The most common […]

Elevator Pads: Frequently Asked Questions

Elevator Pads FAQ

Elevator pads are used by both commercial and residential facilities to protect the ornate and often expensive interiors of elevator cabs.  When used in commercial buildings, elevator protection pads usually insulate the cabs of freight elevators to protect valuable cargo during transportation.  When used in residential buildings, elevator pads perform a slightly different function by […]

Elevator Pads: Protecting the Inside of your Elevators

Elevator Pads:  Protecting the Inside of Your Elevators

Elevator Pads are a must have for any commercial or residential building equipped with elevators for transporting passengers and freight alike.  Some buildings have designated passenger lifts as well as designated freight lifts, keeping the two separate.  It can be cumbersome and even unsafe for passengers to travel in the same elevators as freight, whether […]