Types & Benefits of Non-Conductive Floor Mats

Types & Benefits of Non-Conductive Floor Mats

Rare is the business that doesn’t run on electricity. But in many industries, the amount of power and voltage they use, the type of work done, and the nature of the machinery and equipment involved significantly increase the risk of electrocution for employees and others. Additionally, static electricity can cause significant damage to electronics and […]

Commercial Anti-Static Floor Mats: Everything to Know

Commercial Anti-Static Floor Mats

Commercial Anti-Static Floor Mats are essential in preventing shock and electrical damage. Almost all business operations require the use of high voltage machinery. Proper management of electrical discharge is necessary to prevent damage to both equipment and employees. In particular, Static Dissipative Matting protect electronic equipment from such electrical discharge. Anti-Static Floor Mats ensure employee […]

How Anti-Static Mats Protect the Workplace

Proactive Accident Prevention- Electrical Equipment & High Voltage Areas

Almost all businesses use some form of machinery, whether your company size is just a few people or thousands of employees. Electrical equipment allows for static electricity to build. Not only can this lead to mechanical failure and computer glitches, it could present a serious safety risk to workers and patrons in the vicinity. All […]

Protecting Equipment from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)


The proliferation of technology inevitably brings more and more electronic equipment to the workplace.  Computers, circuit boards, and employees are just 3 examples of common workplace components capable of emitting electrostatic discharge (ESD).  Unfortunately, ESD has the potential to damage equipment, a risk that only grows as the number of electronics and employees in a […]