Summer Safety Checklist 2016

Tips for Pool Safety This Summer

Weather can majorly compromise the safety of your commercial space, whether you manage an office, retail shop or restaurant. Threatening factors which appear in the summertime might be relatively nonexistent during other times of the year, especially considering the high probability of summer storms. This season, review the following commercial space safety checklist to ensure […]

LEED Certification: Runners, Mats, or Both?

LEED Certification: Runners, Mats, or Both?

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is an organization dedicated to making the design, construction, and operations of commercial and residential facilities more eco-conscious and sustainable. This objective is accomplished through Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a third-party certification system that verifies project sustainability and offers incentives for compliance. The USGBC’s LEED certification […]

Summer Safety Checklist

Summer Safety Checklist

As the seasons change, so should your facility management strategies. After all, weather-related accidents that manage to infiltrate your interiors can cause slip and fall accidents, harmful air pollutants, and expensive interior damage. Consider the following summer occurrences, how they can compromise your facility’s safety standards, and what you can do to prevent related issues. […]

Finding Mats for Double Doors


From office buildings to local businesses and retail outlets, many facilities have a set of double doors at the primary point of entry. Double doors provide a variety of benefits over simpler single doors, like increased traffic flow and sharper, more upscale aesthetics. Shopping for mats to cover the floors leading up to, through, and […]

Mat Selection Guide [Free Infographic]

Mat Selection Guide Free Infographic

Having trouble deciding which commercial floor mat to buy for your facility? Our editors have developed the following infographic to help! Follow along the Mat Selection Guide to learn more about the important role that commercial matting plays in facility health and safety. Then, use the flow chart to get a better idea of what […]

Choosing Between Walk Off Mats and Recessed Mats

In today’s article, our editorial staff examines 2 popular products for facilities looking to improve safety and facility cleanliness: Walk off mats, and recessed mat grill systems. Below, readers are invited to answer our questionnaire to determine which mat is best for their business location. Walk-off mats are generally made using some combination of 4 […]

A Guide to Polypropylene Floor Mats

A Guide to Polypropylene Floor Mats

Technological advances have led to vast improvements in materials in recent years.  Not only are more durable materials available in large quantities, they are also more affordable.   One of the recent developments in synthetic materials is polypropylene also known. Polypropylene is a thermostatic polymer.  It is used in production of items that require both flexibility […]

Fall Product Spotlight: Waterhog Entry Matting

Waterhog Classic Entry Mat

Welcome to the Fall Product Spotlight article series on the Eagle Mat Blog. In preparation for the busiest season for in-store retail shopping, our Blog will publish a weekly showcase of an industry-leading safety product that will keep your place of business clean, dry, and safe this fall. In our first installment, we focus on […]

Your Facility’s Risk Management Plan, Part II

Your Facilitys Management Plan Pt II

Risk management programs are instrumental in making facilities a safe place for employees and customers alike.  Critical to success is the ability to be anticipatory, or proactive, in identifying areas of potential risk.  The Eagle Mat Blog is proud to present the Your Facility’s Risk Management Plan, a four-part article series designed to help business […]

Your Facility’s Risk Management Plan, Part I

Your Facility’s Risk Management Plan Part I

Risk management programs seek to identify and analyze the risks that may arise during the usual course of business.  These anticipatory programs go a step further by prioritizing those risks and setting forth a plan to control their potentially negative impact on business.  In Part I of the Your Facility’s Risk Management Plan series, the […]