Floor Safety Checklist: Keep Your Guests on Solid Footing

Business owners spend a lot of time looking ahead. But if they want to keep employees and guests safe and avoid costly and disruptive workers’ compensation or personal injury claims, they need to look down. All employers need to provide a safe working environment for their employees, and all businesses must take all reasonable steps […]

Protect Your Business From Slip-and-Fall Scams

Protect Your Business From Slip-and-Fall Scams

At Eagle Mat & Floor Products, we spend a lot of time warning our customers about the dangers of slips and falls at their businesses or facilities. That is because slip and fall accidents by employees and visitors cost American companies billions of dollars every year. Preventing such accidents through an investment in high-quality, anti-slip […]

How to Make Facilities Safer with Floor Mats in 2020

How to Make Facilities Safer with Floor Mats in 2020

The big box stores have already started putting up their holiday decorations, so you know that 2020 is just around the corner. Floor mats make any commercial space safer. How about making your facility safer with some floor mats in 2020? Floor mats increase traction. When you put down a floor mat on any hard […]

4 Reasons Why You Need Mats at Your Facility

4 Reasons Why You Need Mats at Your Facility

If you’re the business owner of a facility, you may not realize how important it is to have mats in different locations. Mats are not just for offices. Here are some of the reasons why you need them at the facility. Entrances and Exits There should be mats at every entrance or exit. Mats add […]

Floor Safety Inspections at the Office

Professional Flooring Installation: What To Consider and Why It’s Important

Employers may not realize that regular inspection of flooring is essential for keeping the floors safe. The US Department of Labor makes it clear that good housekeeping makes for good safety. But there’s more to it than just housekeeping. Keeping the floors clean is one thing, but there are other things that need an inspection, […]

What Defines a Healthy Work Culture?

healthy work culture

Healthy work culture is, arguably, more important than ever. While it’s not a novel idea – building rapport within the company to promote employee productivity, engagement and retention – firms place a greater focus on positive internal interactions today because of shifting societal values and accessible occupational assessments. Core values, team traditions and leadership beliefs […]

Why Prioritizing Workplace Safety Increases Profit

workplace safety increases profit

Every business has a bottom line goal, but the strategy to reach mass profit differs. However, one tactic can benefit all companies’ profitability and sales – workplace safety. Right now, you may be abiding by workplace safety standards to avoid penalties from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), thus maintaining profit by eliminating such unplanned fees. […]

How Anti-Static Mats Protect the Workplace

Proactive Accident Prevention- Electrical Equipment & High Voltage Areas

Almost all businesses use some form of machinery, whether your company size is just a few people or thousands of employees. Electrical equipment allows for static electricity to build. Not only can this lead to mechanical failure and computer glitches, it could present a serious safety risk to workers and patrons in the vicinity. All […]

How to Handle an OSHA Inspection


Since the inception of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), workplace injuries and deaths have dropped over 60 percent. OSHA provides an invaluable service to employees across the nation, but the rules and regulations set forth by the inspection agency are complex. And, an audit can be startling. Keeping OSHA laws and the broader […]

Why Opt for Floor Tiles?

Winter Product Spotlight: Garage Tiles with Diamond Treads

Carpet and other floor tiles are common in gyms, offices, airports and schools – but what makes these floors so popular? Easy installation, simple replacement and a virtually seamless look are a few of the many benefits to carpet tiles. Many homeowners and business owners are unaware that carpet tiles hold many possibilities, whether you’re […]