Berber Mat Basics

Berber Mat Basics

Many of the most popular floor mats we sell at Eagle Mat and Floor Products are Berber mats. But what are Berber mats and what makes them the mat of choice for so many businesses and buildings? What Is Berber? The term Berber generally refers to carpet or matting that is overall light in color […]

Winter Product Spotlight: Berber Supreme Logo Mat

Berber Supreme Logo Mat

Logo Floor Mats are an easy, inexpensive, and vastly under-appreciated way to boost your marketing efforts. For brand recognition, a mat printed with your company’s logo or artwork or slogan is a great way to introduce people to your company when they arrive at your premises. Placed at entrances and in hallways, customers can’t miss […]

Finding Mats for Double Doors


From office buildings to local businesses and retail outlets, many facilities have a set of double doors at the primary point of entry. Double doors provide a variety of benefits over simpler single doors, like increased traffic flow and sharper, more upscale aesthetics. Shopping for mats to cover the floors leading up to, through, and […]