4 Amazing Ideas for Custom Logo Mat Placements

4 Amazing Ideas for Custom Logo Mat Placements

Logo mats are amazing. It’s possible to reproduce any kind of image or wording or artwork onto a mat. And the clarity will be superb. You can have fading, shading, and 3D imaging, for example, in an almost limitless array of colors. The dyes are computer controlled, which means the final result is crisp and […]

Creating an ‘Entrance System’ with Maximum Effectiveness

Maximizing Debris Control

An ‘Entrance System’ contains the incoming dirt, moisture, and debris that crowds of visitors inevitably carry into commercial buildings.  These systems vary depending on the location; Carpet-topped entrance mats are usually used in buildings that experience a low-to-medium degree of daily traffic, while recessed mats and tiles are popular in larger spaces that experience a […]

Floor Mats: Frequently Asked Questions

floor mats faq

Floor mat installation often raises a number of questions.  Eagle Mat and Floor Products has created this easy-to-follow Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to help you learn more about floor mats, mat installation, and maintenance. What purpose do floor mats serve in a commercial setting? Commercial matting serves several core functions.  Entrance mats, for example, […]

5 Benefits of Commercial Floor Mat Installation

5 Benefits of Commercial Floor Mat Installation

Commercial floor mat installation may help a business to better serve both employees and guests.  From safety enhancement to bacteria control and branding, the benefits of installing commercial floor mats are numerous and advantageous for businesses of all industries. Floor Mats and Safety Safety enhancement is the first way in which well-planned floor mat installation […]

Commercial Matting and Flooring Review: Communicating with Logo Mats

Last week’s installment of Commercial Matting and Flooring Review explored how anti fatigue mats have a profound impact on employee productivity.  This week, we shift gears to examine another type of floor mat that has an equally beneficial application:  logo mats.  Logo mats provide a superb opportunity to speak to your customers through vivid colors, […]