Outdoor Rubber Safety Matting

When it comes to slip and fall prevention, most property owners invest in indoor entrance mats/runners to keep walkways dry and safe. In many scenarios, these carpet mats are adequate in preventing slips, trips, and falls initially. However, performance declines as mats absorb liquids, dirt, and debris. Things get more dangerous on days when wind, rain, and snow cause guests to track more debris through entryways than normal.

In addition to regular cleaning, the best way to keep entryways clean, dry, and safe is to invest in outdoor mats. Rubber and vinyl are the most popular materials for these products, and you may want to compare pros and cons of rubber and vinyl mats here.

6 Reasons to Use Rubber Mats

There are many reasons to use rubber mats outside the entryway to your store, apartment building, or other commercial property. Below is a list of the 6 most common reasons property owners invest in rubber safety matting.

Water containment. First and most obvious, rubber matting assists in water containment and slip prevention. Rubber mats like the Scraper Mat can “squeegee” dirt and moisture from shoes, just before guests reach an indoor set of entrance mats. This reduces incoming liquids while also keeping indoor entryway mats dryer, longer.

Debris control. Without a set of outdoor mats, the inner portion of the entryway will experience full exposure to the elements outside. All kinds of debris can penetrate the entryway, including dirt, mud, grime, landscaping mulch, rock salt, gravel, and more. Debris is often corrosive, which can incur costly damage to floor surfaces in addition to increasing the risk of slips and falls.

Weatherproof. Outdoor rubber mats are typically made with 1 of 2 ultra risiliant materials: Commercial-grade Nitrile rubber, or recycled tire rubber. In both cases, these materials can withstand heavy rain, snow, ice, and temperature fluctuations without chipping, cracking, or losing their ability to control liquid and debris.

Bacteria control. It’s estimated that up to 60% of all incoming bacteria can be stopped at the facility entryway with the right kinds of commercial floor mats. Matting needs vary depending on entryway size, visitor flow/turnover, weather, and more. You matter what the size of your facility, there’s no denying that outdoor rubber mats improve overall effectiveness of the floor mat system by serving as a “first line of defense” against the toughest incoming debris and bacteria.

Hassle-free maintenance. Of course, one of the best benefits of rubber matting is the ease with which it is cleaned and maintained. Cleaning instructions vary by mat, however most models can be thoroughly cleaned with an ordinary garden hose and push broom.

Custom design options. Like other safety mats, rubber matting can easily be customized with a company logo or slogan to create a lasting first impression with guests as they approach the building. Or, outdoor mats can be customized with warnings to make guests aware of lips, transitions, and other hazards.

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