Prevent Slips and Falls This Halloween with Weatherproof Mats

Prevent Slips and Falls This Halloween with Weatherproof Mats

Did you know that if a trick-or-treater falls on your doorstep this Halloween, you could be liable for their injuries? With stormy Autumn weather approaching, protecting your home or business from slip and fall accidents is even more pertinent than usual. Without the proper precautions, your doorstep could become an unknowingly dangerous surface for trick-or-treaters. […]

Preventing Accidents with Poolside Safety Matting

Pools are fun.  They offer a refreshing swim on a long, hot, summer day.  Since the Roman times, people have enjoyed a customary swim in the public pool.  Unfortunately, as fun as swimming in the pool may be, they are not all fun and games, especially when slip and fall accidents and drowning bring a […]

A Guide to Polypropylene Floor Mats

A Guide to Polypropylene Floor Mats

Technological advances have led to vast improvements in materials in recent years.  Not only are more durable materials available in large quantities, they are also more affordable.   One of the recent developments in synthetic materials is polypropylene also known. Polypropylene is a thermostatic polymer.  It is used in production of items that require both flexibility […]

Safety First: Businesses Prepare for Holiday Shopping Season

Safety First- Businesses Prepare for Holiday Shopping Season

The season for tinsel, snow, and shopping has finally come!  With the heavy-duty shopping season already among us, businesses must cope with the increasing foot traffic, wet conditions, and pressures to keep the spirits bright in their establishments.  While we revel in the joyous spirits, let us pause for a moment and think of safety. […]

Outdoor Matting Solutions: Polypropylene Mats VS Carpet

Outdoor Matting Solutions- Polypropylene Mats VS Carpet

When it comes to floor safety and protection, one of the most common solutions that come to mind is floor matting. Floor mats are now widely used in various establishments both indoors and outdoors. These commercial-grade products are becoming more popular not only for residential buildings but also for industrial facilities due to their great […]