An Introduction to Polypropylene

An Introduction to Polypropylene

Just what is a thermoplastic polymer?  Aside from sounding like a futuristic chemical compound from a 1970s science fiction film, a “thermoplastic polymer” is a plastic chemical compound that typically takes a liquid shape when heated.  Then, the material forms a hard and glassy state when cooled.  This “shape-shifting” ability makes thermoplastic polymers ideal for […]

From Maryland to Miami: Eagle Mat CIO Takes Note of Intelligent Floor Mat Installations

From Maryland to Miami: Eagle Mat CIO Takes Note of Intelligent Floor Mat Installations

If you are a Web Developer, you may have noticed that is built on the Magento ecommerce software platform.  This platform was chosen because it is robust yet capable of being customized to provide a rich and user-friendly online shopping experience. Best of all, Magento software source code is free and readily available to […]

Berber Supreme Entrance Mats: #1 in Our Nation’s Capital

Berber Supreme Mats in D.C.

Eagle Mat and Floor Products is the #1 Commercial Matting and Floor Covering business in the Washington D.C, Virginia, Maryland metropolitan area. If Eagle Mat is the area’s top-selling Commercial Mat and Floor Product retailer, what is Eagle Mat’s #1 product? In the long-standing history of our 30 year-old floor mat company, no product line […]

Waterhog Floor Mats: An Industry Leader

Waterhog: An Industry Leader

Waterhog floor mats are perhaps the most widely used of commercial matting products.  You may spot these durable yet stylish floor mats in a variety of locations including commercial retail outlets, hotels, office buildings, and more.  Waterhog mats have risen in popularity for a number of reasons.  Businesses that choose Waterhog mats from do […]

Slip-and-Falls More Likely Than Traffic Accidents

Slip-and-Falls More Common Than Traffic Accidents

Employees are nearly five times more likely to be injured in a slip-and-fall accident at work than in a highway accident reports Liberty Mutual, the now 3rd largest property and causality insurer in the United States.  Published in the 2010 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, this alarming statistic has business leaders reconsidering workplace safety and […]

Recessed Floor Mats 101

Recessed Mats 101

Not all commercial floor mats are suitable for all locations.  To illustrate, consider that airports and other transportation hubs experience a continual inflow and outflow of visitors each day.  Such busy locations require unique commercial matting systems designed to clean and trap substantial amounts of dirt and debris, all while resting at a low profile […]

Floor Mats: Rubber or Vinyl?

Floor Mats: Rubber or Vinyl?

Commercial floor mats are commonly made with two very different materials:  rubber and vinyl.  Eagle Mat and Floor Products carries many floor mat products made of each of these materials.  Rubber and vinyl are both essential ingredients in durable floor mat construction, yet each material offers unique benefits in terms of durability, maintenance requirements, and […]