5 Eco-Friendly Flooring Trends

Eco-Friendly Flooring

The first day of spring was Wednesday, March 20, 2019. Since spring is here, some businesses are doing spring cleaning. Some are making policy changes and creating, for example, a Workplace Risk Assessment that maybe they never had before. Some businesses are making some eco-friendly changes, and that’s what we’re going to address today. Here […]

When Visibility Is Not Enough

When Visibility Is Not Enough

Each year, slip and fall accidents cost business owners upwards of several billion dollars. Employees and guests are almost always injured, sometimes fatally. And families are often left to deal with the emotional and economic hardship caused by such preventable accidents. At Eagle Mat and Floor Products, we are all about raising awareness for the […]

Environmentally Friendly Products at Work

Environmentall Friendly Products

Since the creation of eco-friendly mats, these mats are highly recommended to consumers. Instead of ordering the regular carpets and commercial mats, consumers are urged to go green by purchasing mats that reduce carbon emissions and reuse recycled materials during construction. This helps to prevent excessive carbon production, it encourages sustainable production practices, and it […]

Waterhog Floor Mats: An Industry Leader

Waterhog:  An Industry Leader

Waterhog floor mats are perhaps the most widely used of commercial matting products.  You may spot these durable yet stylish floor mats in a variety of locations including commercial retail outlets, hotels, office buildings, and more.  Waterhog mats have risen in popularity for a number of reasons.  Businesses that choose Waterhog mats from Eaglemat.com do […]

Going Green with Commercial Floor Mats

Going Green with Commercial Floor Mats

The use of eco-friendly materials is quickly becoming a leading trend in commercial real estate development, and commercial floor mats are no exception.  Today, a comprehensive range of Eco-Friendly Mats that reduce environmental impact without sacrificing performance are available.  These Green floor mats come in an array of vivid color options and some may even […]