Mat Placement Part II: Lobbies and Service Areas

mat placement part II: indoor areasThe interior of the entrance area likewise requires a unique floor mat.  These lobby areas are where guests gather, and often times it is these areas that make the first impression on a customer.  For indoor lobby spaces, one must first consider the amount of traffic the location will experience.  Based on this estimate, one must then choose between traditional floor mats and recessed mats.

Traditional floor mats come in a variety of sizes, but the one thing that separates them from their recessed counterparts is that they lie on top of the floor surface (recessed mats, alternatively, lie flush with the surface of the floor.  Please see below.)

Traditional floor mats may be all rubber, carpet surfaced, or vinyl-backed.  Each of these combinations of materials has specific advantages; carpet mats, for example, may be personalized with business logos and slogans via digital printer.  Digital printing technology makes possible an immense array of vibrant colors and detailed effects like shading, shadowing, and more.

For more information on choosing a suitable floor mat for your entrance, please visit our guide to Rubber vs. Vinyl matting.

Custom Matting for Service Areas

Service areas are perhaps the most important area of your facility.  It is in these areas where customers come into contact with company employees, creating the opportunity for a genuine connection that builds both brand and customer relations.

Like indoor lobby areas, service areas are a great place for custom logo mats.  Logo mats will control dirt and debris accumulation, keeping the “face” of your company looking professional and well kept throughout the day.  What’s more, using logo mats in service areas to convey specific messages to customers can help to reinforce your company’s commitment to excellent service.  Printing a logo mat with the message “Company X:  Unparalleled Services Since 1991,” for example, gives customers some simple background information that helps them connect with your company.

Service Areas and Crowd Control

It is important to consider more than just floor mat placement in service areas, however.  Crowd control stanchions and ropes are needed for locations that must serve large crowds of customers at once.  Retail outlets, airports, and concert venues are just 3 types of businesses that implement crowd control solutions to sort customers into lines and to serve all with greater efficiency.

Tensabarrier “retractable belt” crowd control solutions are recommended for locations that must handle larger-than-normal crowds; retractable belts are capable of extending to cover large floor spaces while also remaining flexible enough to expand and contract with the crowd.

Eagle Mat Sales and Customer Service

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