Why Rubber Scraper Mats are Essential to Spring Safety

rubber scraper matsWhile spring is one of the most exciting times of the year, the annual transition to warmer weather has its downside. Thanks to additional rainfall, spring weather creates safety hazards both inside and outside of commercial spaces. Slip and falls caused by tracked rain and wet entryways cost American businesses billions in combined settlement fees, lost productivity and medical bills every year. At a minimum, a single slip and fall incident usually increases time off work for injury rehabilitation. Workplace accidents have sweeping effects on office morale and employees sense of wellbeing, which decreases engagement and damages management’s internal reputation.

Rainy weather isn’t your fault, but it is your responsibility as a facility manager or business leader to keep employees out of harm’s way at work – no matter the forecast. To proactively reduce floor hazards due to inclement weather, consider investing in rubber scraper mats, an ideal solution for wet weather and slip and fall vulnerabilities in the workplace. Rubber scraper mats are best positioned just outside of entryways to keep water and debris from entering your property in the first place.

While commercial entryway mats placed inside gets the job done, doubling up your floor safety efforts is never a bad idea. Investing in outdoor mats extends the lifespan of your indoor mats by splitting the work and lessening the burden on any single mat. Preserving your commercial floor mats minimizes replacement and cleaning costs.

The Benefits of Rubber Scraper Mats

Rubber scraper mats work like a squeegee, rubbing shoe soles dry so they don’t track moisture throughout interiors. This keeps the individual wearing wet shoes safe from slipping while minimizing the odds of puddle or moisture accumulation throughout the workplace.

Aside from their drying properties, rubber scraper mats clean debris from shoes. This time of year, dirt and mud tend to stick to shoes and disperse until aggressively cleaned. Fortunately, rubber scraper mats do the dirty work for you with a distinctive pronged surface that digs deep into the intricate grooves of virtually any shoe sole. Not only does this curb messes left to mop up or vacuum at the end of the day, but it keeps your business looking and feeling hygienic.

In terms of maintenance, scraper mats allow for a flat and even surface that won’t curl up and create a tripping hazard. With a rubber backing that remains flush against floors, you won’t have to worry about rubber scraper mats sliding or skidding out of proper placement. Cleaning requires just a garden hose and push broom, ideally completed every 1 to 3 weeks, depending on traffic and use.

Commercial Matting Consultation

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