Slips and Falls Are the Biggest Cause of ER Visits


Each year, millions of Americans visit the Emergency Room (ER) after sustaining accidental injuries. Accidents happen to everyone, and the most common reasons for ER visits involve a range causes and objects, including bathtubs, chairs, and stairways. Looking at this list of top 10 reasons for ER visits can be extremely valuable for facility managers and property owners. In evaluating the most common reason for accidental injury, individuals and businesses have the opportunity to anticipate where accidents may occur on their own property.

Take a moment to review the top 10 reasons for ER visits listed below. Then, evaluate your own safety products and preparedness to ensure you are proactively preventing similar accidents.

#1: Slips on Stairs

The #1 reason men and women visit the ER in the United States is due to a slip and fall on the stairs. With a little over 1.135 million visits each year, stairway-related falls are more common than those caused by exercise, bathtubs, and football combined. Fortunately, there are at least three simple and effective ways to reduce slips and falls on stairways.

First, check the overhead lighting. Many slip and fall accidents are simply the result of someone being unable to see a step, transition, or debris on the floor. Next, replace worn-out stair treads with new treads that provide better grip. Finally, install safety handrails to make stairways easier to climb and descend.

#2: Falls on Floors

Coming in at a close 2nd place: Falls on floors, a slip and fall category that accounts for just over 1.131 million ER visits each year. Like stair-related slips and falls, this category causes more injury than knife accidents, bicycles, and office chairs.

Other Major Causes of ER Visits

Below is a list of other reasons for injuries that result in ER visits (source:

Beds and bedframes: 620,302

Basketball injuries: 515,053

Accidents involving bicycles: 495,537

Injuries from football: 392,303

Knife related injuries: 320,768

Chair related injuries: 303,672

Recreational exercise injuries: 295,842

Bathtub injuries: 285,281

Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls

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