Mat Selection Guide [Free Infographic]

Having trouble deciding which commercial floor mat to buy for your facility? Our editors have developed the following infographic to help!

Follow along the Mat Selection Guide to learn more about the important role that commercial matting plays in facility health and safety. Then, use the flow chart to get a better idea of what category of product will work best for your business. This infographic suggests matting products based on three important variables:

Placement. Will the mat be placed inside, or outside? This is a crucial question to ask, as it will help determine which matting material to choose. Note: Most facilities invest in both outdoor and indoor matting. For example, outdoor “scraper” mats are often paired with indoor “carpet” mats to ensure maximum protection against incoming dirt, moisture, and debris.

Climate. What is the climate like throughout the year? Tropical, temperate, and severe environments each call for a unique type of mat. Note: Many businesses purchase different mats to use during different times of year.

Visitor Flow. Finally, find a suitable indoor mat according to the level of visitor flow your facility experiences. For small businesses, a simple carpet mat is sufficient in handling light foot traffic. For heavily trafficked malls and transportation hubs, on the other hand, a recessed grill system is safer and more effective.

Mat Selection Guide [Free Infographic]

Mat Selection Guide Free Infographic

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