Finding Mats for Double Doors

mats-for-double-doorsFrom office buildings to local businesses and retail outlets, many facilities have a set of double doors at the primary point of entry. Double doors provide a variety of benefits over simpler single doors, like increased traffic flow and sharper, more upscale aesthetics.

Shopping for mats to cover the floors leading up to, through, and beyond double doors can be easy. There are a variety of commercial mats, tiles, and grill systems available to suit a wide range of needs. When weighing your options, there are just a few things to keep in mind:

Width: How wide are the double doors? Is there extra room on either side of the frame that should be covered? If so, include that area when taking measurements for flooring products.

Length: How long is the length of floor that needs covered? More maximum liquid and debris retention, it’s recommended that mats, tiles, or recessed grill systems are long enough to accommodate for 4 forward steps.

Placement: Is the mat going to be placed outside the doors, within a vestibule, or on the inside of the doorway? This is one of the most important variables to consider, and the answer may significantly impact the matting material you choose.

Matting Suggestions

The editors of the Eagle Mat Blog have assembled the following recommendations for property owners who are actively searching for mats for double doors. Suggestions are categorized according to the location where the mats, tiles, or recessed grills are to reside.

Outdoor Areas

thumb-waterhog-eco-grand-premier-one-endOutside double doors, we recommend using large floor mats that are made of a tough material that will endure tough weather, rigorous cleanings, and relentless foot traffic. Polypropylene, Nitrile rubber, and vinyl are all good options. In general, carpet mats should be avoided as they soil and wear more easily.

Recommended Product: The Waterhog ECO Grand Premier One-End, pictured left. This eco-friendly matting option is made of 20% recycled content and qualifies for LEED credits. The mat also features a unique Water Dam border, enabling the mat to retain up to 1 full gallon of water.


thumb-berber-deco-rib-recessed-matVestibules are great when it comes to regulating temperatures and barring dirt, debris, and moisture from a facility’s interior. When these special compartments reside between two sets of double doors, however, a unique safety concern is created. Vestibules accommodate heavy visitor inflow and outflow in virtue of being positioned between two double doors, making it vital that safety flooring materials are high traction, low profile, and clearly marked.

Recommended Product: The Berber Deco Rib Recessed Mat (pictured left) is the ideal solution for high traffic vestibules with double doors. The signature Berber surface features staggered high-low design consisting of thick, tightly woven fabric that aggressively cleans and retains moisture and debris. These mats are long lasting, easy to clean, and available in any length with widths up to 13’2”.

Indoor/Lobby Areas

thumb-berber-supreme-entrance-mat-2013-4On the inside of double doors, property owners have many more choices for safety matting, tiles, and recessed grill systems. Mats can be chosen for aesthetics as well as function, without the worry that they might get weathered from wind, rain, snow, and ice. Inside, property owners may choose from materials like carpet, rubber, vinyl, polypropylene, and other eco-friendly alternatives, like Cocoa mats.

Recommended Product: The Berber Supreme Entrance Mat (pictured left) is one of the highest quality mats in the industry. It’s large enough to span the width of double doors, yet customizable enough to match most interior design schemes. In fact, our Berber mats are available in 45 eye-catching colors like Autumn Red, Midnight Blue, Black Walnut, Hunter Green, and much more!

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