Managing Mold and Mildew in Flooring, Part 2

Let’s now dive into the best way to prevent more mold and mildew. Preventative Building Maintenance Mold and mildew require water and humidity to grow. If you have had a problem in the past with water in places it shouldn’t be, then remedy those problems before putting in new flooring. Do you need roof repair? […]

Will Following OSHA Laws Make Your Workplace Safe?

Will Following OSHA Laws Make Your Workplace Safe?

Although work-related injuries have dropped significantly since OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, was formed, industries and taxpayers still pay $200 billion per year toward workplace hazards. OSHA laws and regulations are intended to protect the American employee from harm or illness in the workplace. Unfortunately, many of the OSHA laws are outdated […]

Summer Safety Checklist

Summer Safety Checklist

As the seasons change, so should your facility management strategies. After all, weather-related accidents that manage to infiltrate your interiors can cause slip and fall accidents, harmful air pollutants, and expensive interior damage. Consider the following summer occurrences, how they can compromise your facility’s safety standards, and what you can do to prevent related issues. […]

4 Tips That Keep Carpet Flooring Clean

Carpeting is a fundamental must-have for a variety of different commercial and public facilities. It protects the floor, insulates the room, and often raises feelings of comfort and warmth. In recent years, eco-friendly designers and facility managers have increasingly looked for ways to extend the life of carpeting. According to reports, an estimated 4.7 billion […]

Are Carpet Mats Sanitary?

There is a troubling misconception that carpets and carpet mats are not sanitary. This has led to removal of carpeting and carpet floor mats from schools, workplaces, and other commercial spaces. Property owners and safety managers are wise to take note of this alarming trend, as 60% or more of slip and fall accidents occurring […]

Are Property Owners Liable for Mold and Mildew?

Property owners owe certain responsibilities to tenants and guests. One of the most important duties is to make tenants and guests aware of any dangers on the premises. Property owners must make reasonable efforts to repair such dangers so as to minimize the likelihood of injury. Numerous studies indicate that mold and mildew pose a […]