How to Develop a Cohesive Branding Campaign

Cohesive marketing campaignMarketing doesn’t stop at funding advertising spots to generate sales. Branding is a vital component of a strong marketing campaign, which many new entrepreneurs tend to forget. Developing a strong, clear company message to the public is the first step in gaining consumer trust.

Follow these tips to make your marketing and branding campaign as consistent as possible:

Develop Core Values

Start communicating your message through a concise mission statement or core values list. Business principles and beliefs help customers and potential investors gain insight onto your vision for the company and what the business stands for beyond what it sells. Core values are important internally, especially in a thriving business when employees need to adapt to higher goals. Regardless of whether you recently opened or you’re a seasoned CEO, values allow individuals – both internally and externally – keep positive company culture alive. To make it easy for employees to remember, consider using an acronym for the core values and reciting them at each company-wide meeting.

Hire Helpful Representatives

Who better to speak your brand message than individuals who have the insider perspective? Customer support is an important aspect of marketing, but also keeps your branding strategies on point. Training employees to uphold customer satisfaction consistently and with care shows outsiders that you not only talk a big game – you stick to it.

Brand Your Building

If you work in a shared commercial space, as many small and large companies do, branding your business is vital. Business owners renting an entire building have the benefit of attaching their logo on virtually every interior surface – but don’t overwhelm visitors with too many graphics. Keep it clean and simple with branded floor mats which deliver two-fold benefits. First, logo floor mats establish your brand in a physical space, making employees and clients feel welcome. Second, logo floor mats enhance the safety standards within your workplace. When you go the extra mile in protecting others, people take notice.

Eagle Mat’s Graphic Impressions and Supreme Carpet mats both offer free set up and image proofing. Contact us today to discuss details and apply your branding strategy to all aspects of your business.