4 Amazing Ideas for Custom Logo Mat Placements

4 Amazing Ideas for Custom Logo Mat Placements

Logo mats are amazing. It’s possible to reproduce any kind of image or wording or artwork onto a mat. And the clarity will be superb. You can have fading, shading, and 3D imaging, for example, in an almost limitless array of colors.

The dyes are computer controlled, which means the final result is crisp and clear. And logo mats come in all different types, such as mats for inlaid application, rubber mats, carpet mats, scraper mats, and even Waterhog mats for extra wet conditions.

So, you can, obviously, have your company name or logo and use them as part of a marketing campaign for brand awareness, but they can also be used in other ways.

Here are 4 amazing ideas for custom logo mat placements.

1. In front of a customer service desk.

The customer service desk is usually a busy place, you put your logo mat down in front, so that every single person who comes up to ask a question will remember your brand.

2. In front of the office door within a high-rise building.

Someone may know you’re on a certain floor, but if you have the whole floor, put the mat down right in front of the elevator. If you have part of the floor, then put it down in front of your entrance. Make it obvious and memorable that the person has arrived at your place of business.

You could also use a company motto on a logo mat. Or have a clever saying and your logo.

3. Employee of the week or month or year.

Get a logo mat to honor an employee and place the mat in front of that person’s office or desk. Employee recognition is a big deal and an often overlooked opportunity to help cement an employee’s position among other employees.

A logo mat used to honor the contribution of an employee is a great example of a low-cost, high-impact strategy.

4. Seasonal

You can have logo mats made that represent seasons or holidays. You can still include your business name or logo, but you could say, for example, “Company X Wishes You a Merry Christmas.”

These are seasonal decorations you can use to lift spirits and improve office moral. These mats can go anywhere in an office, like under the coffee table in a waiting room or right as you walk in, front and center.

Because mats are not expensive, you can use them for all kinds of purposes. And keep in mind that even if a logo mat has a witty saying on it, it’s still a mat that improves traction and makes walking on the floor safer.

Invest in some logo mats in 2020. Make your company name and logo memorable everywhere on your premises. And consider using logo mats in some of the more unconventional ways as well. Clients will remember the efforts you made.

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