Comparing Stair Treads

Stair Treads

When you’re considering your commercial flooring, don’t forget about the stairs. Slippery stairs are a terrible hazard. Let’s take a look at the different types of stair treads you can add to your stairs. Stair treads are basically divided into three types: vinyl, rubber, and aluminum, and we carry all three types. This is what […]

Ways to Improve Your Customers’ In-Store Retail Experience

In-Store Retail Experience

  We want your business to be successful. Safe, yes, but successful, too. So, for 2018, here are our hints for improving your customers’ experience inside your retail space. Proper training for staff Make sure your staff is trained to address and be pleasant with customers from the moment they walk in the door. There’s […]

Elevator Pads and Elevator Safety

Elevator Pads FAQ

Elevator pads are all about safety in residential, commercial and freight elevators. Here is why they are so important: They protect the costly finishes of the elevator. They protect passengers. They protect valuable cargo. It’s much cheaper to put in elevator pads BEFORE your finishes are damaged by moving heavy and odd-shaped freight. It’s much […]

Winter Products Spotlight


It’s that time of year again in North America. Snow. Sleet. Rain. Ice. Fog. Wet floors in your commercial space are not only dangerous because it’s a major contributor to slips, trips, and falls, but all that water and salt can damage your floors. Remember, customers and employees are not only bringing water and dirt […]

Waterhog Mats: Smart Business for a White Christmas

Waterhog Mats: Smart Business for a White Christmas

If you’re sitting with a cup of hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire, then snow falling outside can feel magical. But if your commercial space has a lot of foot traffic, then that same snow falling can be nightmarish for your business Slips, trips, and falls are a major problem for businesses. In […]

Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas for Retail Businesses

Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas for Retail Businesses

If you have a retail business, then you know that it’s important to decorate for holidays. You can inspire the public to spend money in your store with beautiful displays or anything that looks fun and magical. We know that the busiest shopping days of the year are in November and December. Here are some […]

Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Mats

Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Mats

Have you ever wondered what exactly are the differences between indoor and outdoor mats? The differences can be obvious or they can be subtle. Let’s take a look at them. Weather-proofing Outdoor mats have to withstand temperatures extremes that indoor mats do not, whether it’s freezing cold winters or blistering hot summers. Outdoor mats may […]

Solutions for Slippery Stairs

What Stair Treads Are Best for Wet Areas?

The only thing worse than slippery floors is slippery stairs. Special tread coverings do several jobs: they channel dirt, debris, and water away; and they offer traction and friction for the shoes. These products for the stairs provide safe footing for your employees and your customers. Fortunately, we have plenty of stair tread treatments to […]