Prevent Accidents on Rainy Days

Prevent Accidents on Rainy Days

Finally, it seems the veil of winter has been lifted, and businesses along the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States will experience normal spring weather. Of course, that is no reason to lose focus on accident prevention and safety. Snow and ice have been replaced with wind and rain, presenting a new set of challenges for commercial property owners and facility managers. Commercial floor mat inspection, entryway maintenance, and new investment in rain-related safety products are essential tasks this spring. Preventing Rain-related Accident Whether in a vehicle or on foot, inclement weather always increases the risk of accidents. Rainfall makes horizontal … Continue reading

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Our Office Has Moved


We are pleased to announce that our office has moved! Our new office is located at the following address: 7917 Cessna Avenue Units G&H Gaithersburg, MD 20879 Eagle Mat and Floor Products will continue to provide commercial matting and flooring services to the Washington D.C. Metro Area, as well as Northern Virginia. Though our office location has changed, our commitment to expert consultation and professional installation and service remains unchanged. Keep your facility’s most heavily trafficked areas clean, dry, and safe for visitors. Shop our collection of commercial floor mats and facility safety products online, and inquire about our floor … Continue reading

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Mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S. on Snow Alert


Businesses along the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States might awake to frosty grounds and slippery conditions, according to weather reports by the National Weather Service. A significant amount of freezing rain and snow is set to fall on the morning of March 26th, due to a low pressure system currently lingering off the coast. And while snowfall will vary depending on the track the storm takes, meteorologists are convinced that most states along the Mid-Atlantic coastline (extending as far north as New England) will experience colder-than-average temperatures and heavy winds. In New England, the outlook for Wednesday morning is particularly … Continue reading

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Spring Safety Spotlight: Scraper Mats


Spring is here! Though much of the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States is still experiencing colder-than-normal temperatures, it’s time for facility managers and property owners to begin planning for milder temperatures, thawing ice, and rain. With the right products and a forward-thinking plan for safety, facilities can quickly prepare for the looming changes in customer flow, weather, and seasonal risk. In this Spring Safety Spotlight, our editors focus on a very important safety product for small to medium sized businesses: Rubber scraper mats. These commercial-grade rubber floor mats are ideal for outdoor use during the Spring, performing both tough cleaning … Continue reading

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Floor Mats for Schools: How Mats Help Children with Asthma

Floor Mats for Schools- How Mats Improve IAQ

Reports issued by the U.S. National Library of Medicine show that more than 20 million Americans suffer with asthma. Asthma in children accounts for almost half of the total, amounting to about 9 million affected children. Schools recognize this issue and often take proactive measures to educate teachers, students, and staff on the condition, as well as ways to help minimize respiratory irritation. Clean ventilation systems, regular cleaning/maintenance, and fully laundered commercial floor mats are among the most effective tools to help schools minimize the risk of asthma attack. Tips for Improving IAQ in Schools According to the U.S. National Library … Continue reading

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Top 4 Mats for Snow Days

Top 4 Mats for Snow Days

The meaning of ’Snow Day’ has transformed since the Polar Vortex hit. Now, it seems each week has a couple snow days, even if they don’t mean school delays and cancelations. We’re in the midst of an unseasonably cold and treacherous winter, which is why snow, ice, and accident prevention are on the minds of almost every property owner and facility manager along the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States. Fortunately, frigid temperatures do not have to mean slips, falls, and damages. Property owners can quickly gauge the safety of their building be performing 3 essential tasks: 1. Conduct a safety … Continue reading

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Mold Prevention 101


Mold prevention has garnered a lot of attention recently from facility managers and property owners alike, and with good reason. Mold can spread rapidly and become a serious facility health issue when left unchecked. In addition to using commercial floor mats to control moisture, readers are invited to use this guide to prevent mold and ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Health Risks of Mold. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are 4 common types of mold that may cause health problems when breathed regularly indoors: Cladosporium, Penicillium, Alternaria, and Aspergillus. The risks of … Continue reading

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February Product Spotlight: Recessed Pedimat®


Some situations call for a heavy duty recessed grill mat system capable of stopping tough dirt and grime in its tracks. For such locations, architects and commercial property managers turn to the Pedimat recessed grill mat. The unique construction of the Pedimat® allows it to do things ordinary commercial floor mats cannot achieve, like improving indoor air quality (IAQ) by trapping up to 60% of incoming debris and bacteria before it has the chance to enter and congest the facility. These recessed matting systems feature both carpet and aluminum horizontal slats on the surface. Below the surface is a spacious … Continue reading

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As Southeastern States Are Hit by Snow, Eagle Mat Offers Snow Management Tips

As Southeastern States Are Hit by Snow, Eagle Mat Offers Snow Management Tips

As many as 6 states in the Southeastern United States have declared a state of emergency after unprecedented snowstorm causes major shutdowns. In Virginia, local communities see blankets of snow and dangerous ice. In Georgia, Gov. Nathan Deal has ordered troopers to retrieve students who were stranded because of treacherous roads. The effects of the storm can be felt as far west as Texas, where local merchants say they are bracing for “icy Friday” despite the short-lived 80 degree temperatures felt earlier in the week. With so much snow and ice falling at such an alarming and abrupt pace, business … Continue reading

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Commercial Matting Safety Standards

Commercial Matting Safety Standards

A Guide by NFSI In June 2012, the National Floor Safety Institute published the B101.6 Standard Guide for Commercial Entrance Matting in Reducing Slips, Trips and Falls. And while the title is long, the main takeaway is quite short: Entryways are safer when floors are properly covered. The B101.6 set of standards is intended to help property owners select, install, and maintain entrance mats and runners in the most effective way possible. This results in cost-effective investments that keep facilities clean, dry, and safe during operations. In return, commercial facilities are primed to realize a decrease in both the risk … Continue reading

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