Renting Floor Mats

6 Reasons to Invest in Scraper Mats

Entrance mats protect your floors from damage from dirt, water, and debris, and they also prevent all that junk from being tracked all through your office or store. If the floors in your place of business are dirty and wet, that creates extra work for the employees, and it makes your business look disorganized. Customers may […]

Measuring for Elevator Pads: An Instructional Video

How to Install Elevator Wall Studs

When buying elevator pads, you need to know the exact measurement of the walls of the elevator. You can measure the dimensions by simply using a measuring tape. When it comes to the thickness of the elevator pads, you must evaluate what type of cargo is usually transported.  Watch as our team explains the best way […]

Indispensable Gym Mats

Indispensable Gym Mats

You absolutely positively have to have mats for your exercise area. Why? Because they protect the floor, and they protect anyone in the room doing exercise. Gym mats provide a soft place to land—literally—for anyone running, jumping, skipping or hopping. They protect the floor from heavyweights that are dropped and provide traction and a soft […]

Clean Room and Sticky Mats 101

So, what exactly are clean room and sticky mats? They are special mats designed to trap contaminants before they can be tracked into a sterile or sensitive area. They are used by hospitals, laboratories, and in the food services industry, where some products are manufactured in a sterile environment. Even though your employees are working […]

Floor Mat Accessories

Floor Mat Accessories

Aside from the hundreds of mats and floor coverings that we have available, we also have lots of useful floor mat accessories. These are a range of items that make our products more effective, make your business safer, and make your life easier. Let’s take a look at some of them. Floor Mat Grip Tape […]

Custom School Entrance Mats

5 Must-Have Waterhogs for Spring

Schools need mats just like any other business or commercial space and for the same reasons: Mats trap dirt and water preventing it from being tracked everywhere. It’s easier and cheaper to clean a mat or two than thousands of square feet of dirty floors. Mats make the flooring safer for students and employees by […]

Think Green This Spring

Environmentally-Friendly Spring Cleaning

If you want to make your business space greener, there’s no time like the present. Why not incorporate some green ideas into your Spring Cleaning. Switch to Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products All cleaning products are not equal. There are plenty of environmentally-friendly choices that clean just as well as the toxic foul-smelling ones. Why not start […]

Winter Product Spotlight: Berber Supreme Logo Mat

Berber Supreme Logo Mat

Logo Floor Mats are an easy, inexpensive, and vastly under-appreciated way to boost your marketing efforts. For brand recognition, a mat printed with your company’s logo or artwork or slogan is a great way to introduce people to your company when they arrive at your premises. Placed at entrances and in hallways, customers can’t miss […]