Are You Smearing Soil in Your Entryway?


Are you smearing soil around your entryway rather than properly removing it from the floor? If you’re using a standard mop, you’re just smearing the dirt around, no matter how clean it may look. Consider how mops work – you only rinse after multiple passes, which means each time you place the mop down, you’re […]

Preventing Slips on Stairways


Slip, trip, and fall accidents are all too common in the workplace. STFs, as they are commonly referred to, compromise more than employees’ health. Employees or patrons who suffer an STF-related injury might experience long-term pain, permanent disability, depression, high medical expenses, or even death. Beyond physical injury alone, the cost of STFs to employers […]

Facilities Continue Renovating with Carpet Tiles

Facilities Continue Renovating with Carpet Tiles

Hardwoods and tiles are always a stylish option for facilities, but these slick materials present serious safety drawbacks. In fact, slips, trips and falls contribute to 15 percent of all accidental deaths, according to the Occupational Health & Safety Administration. These types of workplace injuries are also one of the top five causes of workers’ […]

Summer Safety Checklist

Summer Safety Checklist

As the seasons change, so should your facility management strategies. After all, weather-related accidents that manage to infiltrate your interiors can cause slip and fall accidents, harmful air pollutants, and expensive interior damage. Consider the following summer occurrences, how they can compromise your facility’s safety standards, and what you can do to prevent related issues. […]

Mats for CrossFit Gyms

Mats for CrossFit Gyms

CrossFit fever has swept the nation. Before public gyms, CrossFit was primarily used by police, military, and special operations outfits as a quick and challenging way to build both physical and mental toughness. Today, this integrated style of exercise has grown in popularity among men and women of all ages and backgrounds who want to […]

Mats for Kettlebell Studios

Mats for Kettleball Studios

Kettlebell studios are becoming more popular as Americans continue to embrace the idea of integrated fitness. Kettlebell fitness classes are known to deliver workouts that engage the entire body, from the legs through the core, shoulders, and arms. Exercises are performed by lifting, swinging, tossing, and catching kettlebells that range in weight from 5 to […]

Tips for Cleaning Your Entryway Recess

Many commercial and public facilities rely on recessed mats, grills, and tiles to capture incoming debris and contaminants on a daily basis. These recessed products are designed to promote safety while also maintaining overall facility health and cleanliness. In order to attain both of those objectives, however, recessed products must be kept clean and functional. […]

How to Prevent Slips on the 4 Most Common Types of Floors

Whether performing a risk assessment walk-through or simply evaluating the safety of your entryway, there are at least 4 unique flooring surfaces that will need to be accounted for. Certainly, there are dozens of different flooring materials out there, ranging from natural products to synthetic composites. These 4 are the most common, however, and are […]

Preventing Slips and Falls at Sinks

Sink faucet dripping water into puddle

It is estimated that walkway conditions play a significant role in at least 1 in 2 slip and fall accidents, and another 1 in 4 accidents are caused by improper footwear (source: NFSI Falls Aren’t Funny). Given these alarming statistics, it’s clear that property owners and facility managers must get proactive in anticipating where accidents […]

Planning for Spring Slip Resistance

Slip resistance refers to the friction needed to prevent one object from slipping along another. In the context of slip and fall accident prevention, slip resistance measures just how much friction is needed to prevent someone from loosing their footing on a walking surface. Common sense tells us that some walking surfaces are more prone […]