Questions to Ask When Selecting Floor Mats For Your Building

Questions to Ask When Selecting Floor Mats For Your Building

Business owners and building managers get asked a lot of questions. But sometimes, to properly take care of the facilities they are in charge of, they need to ask themselves some questions. This includes when it comes time to consider and select floor mats for their building, offices, or other facilities.

Not all floor mats are created equal. Not all floor mats are designed to accomplish the same thing. Not every floor mat is right for every facility. That is why building managers need to understand why they need mats, where they need them, and what issues specific to their facility are the most important.

If you are in the market for commercial floor mats, ask yourself these important questions:

Where will the mat be installed?

Perhaps the most fundamental issue is where you will be placing the mat. Will it go inside or outside? Will it be put at the entrance to your facility or in areas that may need specialized mats like kitchens, clean rooms, salons, or gyms? The answers to these questions will determine which matting material to choose. Most facilities, especially those that see a lot of visitors, invest in both outdoor and indoor matting. For example, pairing outdoor “scraper” mats with indoor “carpet” mats can ensure maximum protection against incoming dirt, moisture, and debris.

How much foot traffic will the mat be dealing with?

Some floor mats are designed to deal with thousands of people treading upon them every day, while other mats may be suited for moderate or lower traffic.

Indoor mats should be tailored to the amount of foot traffic the area sees on a daily basis. For small businesses, a simple carpet mat may be sufficient to handle their foot traffic. But for heavily trafficked facilities like shopping malls and transportation hubs, a recessed grill system is safer and more effective.

What kind of weather hazards impact your building?

A facility in the dry deserts of Arizona and one in the snowy tundra of Minnesota face different issues as to the types of weather-related hazards that could lead to slip and fall accidents or damage to flooring. Temperate, tropical, and severe environments each call for a unique kind of mat, and many businesses in locations with significant seasonal weather changes purchase different mats to use during different times of year.

Will you use the mat as part of your branding or marketing efforts?

Logo mats are designed to accomplish two big tasks: keeping employees and visitors safe while at the same time helping brand a business by prominently displaying its name or logo. If you want to make a big first impression, make your brand one of the first things visitors see when they walk in your door.

Do your employees stand for long periods of time?

If your business requires employees to be on their feet for long stretches, anti-fatigue floor mats can make a big difference in your efforts to reduce the effect of fatigue on your workforce.

The special designs of anti-fatigue mats force a standing body to constantly adjust and distribute its weight, preventing numbing problems, muscle stress and strain, and poor blood circulation.

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