Why Invest in Runner Mats for Your Business?

runner mats

Most businesses agree: floor mats are essential for protecting floor surfaces, preventing slips, absorbing moisture and keeping facilities dirt-free. Nevertheless, new commercial building occupants and property managers wonder if runner mats, in addition to existing entryway mats, offers supplementary safety benefits. The short answer is yes. Unlike a traditional entryway mat that is placed on the […]

Best Floor Mats for Fall

Floor mats for fall

Sprucing up your office or retail space between seasons is always a good idea, especially since colder and wetter weather conditions negatively impact floor safety. Rather than let your employees and patrons walk precariously, it’s time to install top-of-the-line mats to give everyone – including yourself – peace of mind. To help you prepare your […]

How to Develop a Cohesive Branding Campaign

Cohesive marketing campaign

Marketing doesn’t stop at funding advertising spots to generate sales. Branding is a vital component of a strong marketing campaign, which many new entrepreneurs tend to forget. Developing a strong, clear company message to the public is the first step in gaining consumer trust. Follow these tips to make your marketing and branding campaign as […]

3 Tips for a Fall-Free Autumn

Floor mats for fall

Fall is right around the corner, bringing with it colder temperatures, leaves and cloudy skies. Inclement weather during seasonal changes presents increased risks for slip-and-fall accidents at work. Now is the time to get serious about floor safety, before In its annual Workplace Safety Index, Liberty Mutual reported American business owners lost $17.92 billion in […]

Big and Small Stores Liable for Patron Falls

Minimizing the Risk of Slip and Fall Accidents

Earlier this summer, a woman sued the Kmart Corporation for negligence. After a painful trip, the woman said the store failed to take appropriate safety measures to prevent her from falling. Sharon Humphreys filed the complaint on May 24, alleging that she was seriously injured at a Charleston Kmart when she slipped and fell on […]

Why Opt for Floor Tiles?

Winter Product Spotlight: Garage Tiles with Diamond Treads

Carpet and other floor tiles are common in gyms, offices, airports and schools – but what makes these floors so popular? Easy installation, simple replacement and a virtually seamless look are a few of the many benefits to carpet tiles. Many homeowners and business owners are unaware that carpet tiles hold many possibilities, whether you’re […]

Are Your Office Floors Filthy?


Face it: floors subject to hundreds of different shoes per day are bound to accumulate bacteria and dirt. Unless you’re consistently vacuuming or mopping throughout the day, keeping office floors clean on your own is virtually impossible. Instead of allowing germs and grime to spread across your office floors and potentially harm your employees, leave […]

Why Install Floor Mats in a Rental Property?

Why Install Floor Mats in a Rental Property?

While commercial-grade floor mats are a common installation in offices, industrial workplaces, retail shops and restaurants, they also keep multi-family rental properties free of debris, moisture and bacteria. Practicing safety standards in an apartment complex is key, especially because tenants are long-term clients who expect a degree of security and management concern throughout their lease […]

Indoor Doormats for Commercial Businesses

Indoor Doormats for Commercial Businesses

Indoor doormats are essential when it comes to promoting safety and hygiene at your place of business. Indoor doormats are the first line of defense with which shoes and other debris come into contact. When the right doormats are selected, a majority of moisture and microbes can be effectively contained before ever having the chance […]

Commercial Doormats

Commercial Doormats

Commercial doormats are the first line of defense against the intruders known to turn a good facility bad. Rainwater, dirt, microbes, and other debris can penetrate the entryway every time a visitor is greeted by an open door. Commercial doormats are designed to stop these elements from entering, preventing the formation of puddles, mold, and […]