Industrial Entrance Mats and Runners Guide

Top 4 Floor Mats For Retailers

Last time here, we talked about the “Standard Guide For Commercial Entrance Matting in Reducing Slips, Trips and Falls,” referred to as ANSI/NFSI B101.6-2012, from the National Floor Safety Institute. We gave you some major guidelines for selecting mats. But in this article, we’re going to be more specific and show you which mats we’re […]

How to Keep Your Entrance Mats Looking New

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Entrance mats not only protect the inside of your premises from dirt and water and protect individuals from falling but they can also be a marketing measure. You can even put a logo on certain types of entrance mats. Once you’ve gone to the trouble of buying beautiful, hard-working mats for the entrance of your […]

Why Install Floor Mats in a Rental Property?

Why Install Floor Mats in a Rental Property?

While commercial-grade floor mats are a common installation in offices, industrial workplaces, retail shops and restaurants, they also keep multi-family rental properties free of debris, moisture and bacteria. Practicing safety standards in an apartment complex is key, especially because tenants are long-term clients who expect a degree of security and management concern throughout their lease […]