Best Floor Mats for Fall

Floor mats for fall

Sprucing up your office or retail space between seasons is always a good idea, especially since colder and wetter weather conditions negatively impact floor safety. Rather than let your employees and patrons walk precariously, it’s time to install top-of-the-line mats to give everyone – including yourself – peace of mind.

To help you prepare your small business space, we’ve rounded up the best floor mats for fall:

  1. Graphic Impressions Logo

With Eagle Mat’s Graphic Impressions Logo Mat, businesses can strategize both safety and marketing tactics simultaneously. These heavy-duty floor mats are customizable, using a state-of-the-art printer to match your business logo and branding scheme. Because printing is computer-controlled, image detailing is clear and precise. A nitrile rubber backing keeps edges flat so they don’t create a tripping hazard, while nylon yard with stain-resistant technology absorbs moisture for the long-term.

  1. Tire Link Door Mat

Outside of your building, place Tire Link Door Mats for added traction and easy walkability. These mats are manufactured using recycled rubber strips and nylon cords for ultimate sturdiness throughout the year. The course rubber surface adds traction to the bottom of wet, slippery shoes.

  1. Rubber Scraper Eco Mat

Eco-friendly business owners can opt for Rubber Scraper Eco Mats, which combine safety and sustainability. These entrance mats are made of 95 percent post-consumer recycled tires, which eliminates slipping and bunching. The surface contains raised rubber cleats that aggressively clean the bottom of shoes and trap debris so it isn’t traced throughout your lobby or entryway.

  1. Anti-Fatigue Mats

Summer is exciting and usually filled with weddings, events and vacations. When September rolls around, the anticipation dies down and employees get settled back into their regular routines. However, the lack of enthusiasm, combined with colder weather, often leads to fatigue among employees. Anti-fatigue mats help alleviate the stress from standing in a labor-intensive job for eight hours. These can also be used to supplement standing desks, which are shown to uphold energy levels and employee health. Eagle Mat offers multiple standing mats, including a Marble Top Anti-Fatigue Mat that features antimicrobial properties to eradicate bacteria from the bottom of shoes.

For more information on proper mat selections for your commercial or home space this fall, call Eagle Mat at 877-333-1018.