What is a Comfort Mat?

What is a Comfort Mat?

Comfort mats are designed to prevent stress, cramps, and muscle strain that may otherwise be felt when standing on a hard floor surface for many hours at a time. These mats are designed with comfort in mind, providing a soft compressible surface that allows the feet to sink-in for added ergonomic support. In doing so, […]

Eco Mats for Locker Rooms: A Green Safety Solution

Recently, the trend of Environmentally-Friendly building materials have lifted off and taken its stride.  More and more, engineers and architects are designing their buildings with sustainability in mind.  Because of environmentally conscious proprietors and builders, locker rooms nowadays are built with eco-friendly materials.  From walls, to benches, the lockers themselves, and the floor mats can […]

2012 LEED Policy Changes to Watch

2012 LEED Policy Changes to Watch

As covered last week, the 2012 LEED Comment Period has officially opened and feedback from Green builders, contractors, and policymakers is highly encouraged.  As part of our awareness initiative, the Eagle Mat Blog is proud to share this list of changes to watch in 2012.  All readers are encouraged to visit the USGBC on the […]

Time for Change: 2012 LEED Comment Period Has Opened

Time for Change 2012 LEED Comment Period Has Opened

The 2012 LEED Comment Period has officially begun!  All interested parties are invited to join the USGBC online to review and comment on proposed changes to 2012 LEED certification policies.  Though official changes will not be announced until November 7th, the USGBC has provided an overview of the areas that are on the table for […]

Rio+20 Sustainable Development Agenda Leaks

Rio20 Sustainable Development Agenda Leaks

United Nations Agenda for Upcoming Rio+20 Hits the Web and Spreads Environmentalists and policymakers from around the world are well aware of the upcoming United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.  Referred to by industry insiders as the Rio+20, the event serves as a 20-year follow-up to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) […]

Mitsubishi Motors Announces New Eco-Friendly Matting Material

Mitsubishi Motors Announces New Eco-Friendly Matting Material

Mitsubishi Motors has announced a new kind of eco-friendly mat to be used in cars this year. The company is known for a high quality line of plant-based floor mats, and this new product is set to inspire companies to rethink what it means to “Go Green” during the manufacturing of car mats. What does […]

Using Eco-Friendly Products to Save the Planet

Saving the Planet with Eco-Friendly Products

Reading the title alone can sound far fetched but after reading this passage, you will believe that using eco-friendly mats is a great business move to make. Even though your business does not contribute to the pollution and spread of harmful chemicals in the atmosphere, you should still make a move to prevent this from […]

Environmentally Friendly Products at Work

Environmentall Friendly Products

Since the creation of eco-friendly mats, these mats are highly recommended to consumers. Instead of ordering the regular carpets and commercial mats, consumers are urged to go green by purchasing mats that reduce carbon emissions and reuse recycled materials during construction. This helps to prevent excessive carbon production, it encourages sustainable production practices, and it […]

LEED Certification Requirements

LEED Certification:  An Introduction to Sustainable Building

The U.S. Green Building Council created the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification system to award forward-thinking organizations with incentives to employ a vast range of environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. LEED Certification is more than just a reward system, however.  As the U.S. Green Building Council states, LEED establishes “a framework for […]