Rio+20 Sustainable Development Agenda Leaks

United Nations Agenda for Upcoming Rio+20 Hits the Web and Spreads

Rio20 Sustainable Development Agenda LeaksEnvironmentalists and policymakers from around the world are well aware of the upcoming United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.  Referred to by industry insiders as the Rio+20, the event serves as a 20-year follow-up to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) previously held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992.  The Rio+20 serves as an opportunity for participating nations to focus on the objectives set forth in the early 90s, gauge progress in the fight for environmental responsibility, and set new goals for the coming years.

Though Rio+20 will not convene until June of this summer, the agenda for the upcoming event has leaked and most parties seem to be pleased.  Our editors have found a copy of the text through The Guardian News, available here.

To date, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development is one of the largest and most influential movements to security the natural beauty and longevity of our planet.  It is important to track the progress of this movement for at least two reasons.  First, the Rio+20 will set objectives that will create a framework for participating nations to increase their country’s contribution to global sustainability.  This may have a trickle-down effect, causing legislative changes that may have an impact on everything from carbon emissions to LEED Certification Requirements.  Second, and perhaps more importantly, each of us has a vested interest in the health of our planet.  Our generation, as well as the generations that follow, are intricately tied to the health and natural beauty of our world.  It is advantageous for all citizens to follow their country’s involvement in the Rio+20 in support of a Greener planet.

A Background to the Rio+20

The Rio+20 is considered an important milestone in a long series of negotiations headed by the United Nations to further global environmental responsibility.  The UNCEF meeting in 1992 is widely considered to have created the foundation for global sustainable development, and thus etched a path towards Rio+20.  Environmentalists and policymakers from around the world look towards Rio+20 as a pivotal moment to gauge how well the Green economy has developed since 1992 and create a framework for further progress.  Generally speaking, the objectives of the event include the following:

1. Political Commitments:  Renewing commitments to sustainable development from all participating nations.

2. Benchmarking Progress:  Assessing participants’ progress in meeting previously agreed upon commitments.

3. Looking Forward:  Identifying new and emerging developments regarding participation, sustainable development, policies, and other issues.

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