Planning Eco-Friendly Flooring Design

Green Workplace

Going green isn’t going anywhere. More businesses are opting for eco-friendly materials to outfit their commercial properties. Not only does this help reduce your carbon footprint, it communicates a strong message to potential employees, clients and customers – you take environmental issues seriously and you’re willing to go the extra step in creating a sustainable […]

Eco Mats for Locker Rooms: A Green Safety Solution

Recently, the trend of Environmentally-Friendly building materials have lifted off and taken its stride.  More and more, engineers and architects are designing their buildings with sustainability in mind.  Because of environmentally conscious proprietors and builders, locker rooms nowadays are built with eco-friendly materials.  From walls, to benches, the lockers themselves, and the floor mats can […]

Going Green with Commercial Floor Mats

Going Green with Commercial Floor Mats

The use of eco-friendly materials is quickly becoming a leading trend in commercial real estate development, and commercial floor mats are no exception.  Today, a comprehensive range of Eco-Friendly Mats that reduce environmental impact without sacrificing performance are available.  These Green floor mats come in an array of vivid color options and some may even […]