Using Eco-Friendly Products to Save the Planet

Saving the Planet with Eco-Friendly ProductsReading the title alone can sound far fetched but after reading this passage, you will believe that using eco-friendly mats is a great business move to make. Even though your business does not contribute to the pollution and spread of harmful chemicals in the atmosphere, you should still make a move to prevent this from happening and the best way is to use eco-friendly mats. If you just sit back, your business might be in peril in the future too.

By changing your commercial floor mats to eco-friendly mats, you are already doing your part in protecting the planet in which you and your loved ones live. Businesses have the responsibility to care for the environment since most industries are the ones destroying it in the first place. You can do this by opting for eco-friendly mats.

If you have been shopping for commercial eco-friendly mats to install in your office, you must already know that there are several choices to choose from. Commercial eco-friendly mats today no longer provide a single function but they are multi-purpose too.

You can choose from logo eco-friendly mats for marketing purposes, anti-fatigue mats for employee productivity and anti-static mats for industrial settings. You can choose to go green by choosing green mats. You do not sacrifice the quality and functionality when using eco-friendly mats.

Choosing Your Eco-Friendly Mats

When choosing eco-friendly mats, the first thing to think about are the goals you wish to achieve with the commercial matting. Most of the reasons for installing matting products are to reduce the spread of dirt coming from the outside and to prevent water accumulation on the flooring when it is raining or snowing.

Entrance  mats are installed to keep the entryway safe from trips and slips, which is why most of them feature a rubber backing that is skid resistant. These eco-friendly mats are also used to protect the flooring of the business office, as it is costly to get them repaired once they chip off.

Environmentally friendly mats are made from natural fibers and materials that will decompose over time. The problem with commercial mats today is that synthetic materials are used. These synthetic materials do not disintegrate and cannot be recycled which poses problems in our environment.

These “Green” mats are manufactured in different styles. Some are made from coconut fibers, bamboo, sea grass, jute or hemp. The rubber backing on these eco-friendly mats are recycled as well.

As you can see, these natural fibers are the toughest in the world so you can be assured that choosing to “Go Green” will not adversely affect the functionality of your mats. Rather, these natural fibers of eco-friendly mats are highly effective in removing and trapping dirt, water and debris.

Waterhog Eco mats are very effective in trapping water especially if it is raining outside. Cocoa mats are effective in trapping dirt because of the tough coconut fibers. Eco-friendly mats made of 100% plastic from recycled drinking bottles are effective in removing soil from under the shoes. These eco-friendly mats are best placed in entryways where there is high foot traffic.

In short, these mats are durable, sturdy, resilient and attractive. Aside from all these great qualities, you will feel some fulfillment knowing that you are helping the world become a better place to live in with these eco-friendly mats. With eco-friendly mats, you can boost your company in a green way.

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