2012 LEED Policy Changes to Watch

2012 LEED Policy Changes to Watch

As covered last week, the 2012 LEED Comment Period has officially opened and feedback from Green builders, contractors, and policymakers is highly encouraged.  As part of our awareness initiative, the Eagle Mat Blog is proud to share this list of changes to watch in 2012.  All readers are encouraged to visit the USGBC on the […]

Time for Change: 2012 LEED Comment Period Has Opened

Time for Change 2012 LEED Comment Period Has Opened

The 2012 LEED Comment Period has officially begun!  All interested parties are invited to join the USGBC online to review and comment on proposed changes to 2012 LEED certification policies.  Though official changes will not be announced until November 7th, the USGBC has provided an overview of the areas that are on the table for […]

Rio+20 Sustainable Development Agenda Leaks

Rio20 Sustainable Development Agenda Leaks

United Nations Agenda for Upcoming Rio+20 Hits the Web and Spreads Environmentalists and policymakers from around the world are well aware of the upcoming United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.  Referred to by industry insiders as the Rio+20, the event serves as a 20-year follow-up to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) […]

Indoor/Outdoor At-Home Matting Products

at home matting products

Residential door mats have a wide range of uses including safety and prevention of bacteria accumulation. It is tempting to think that matting products are simply floor coverings that contain dirt.  Although it is true that matting products are designed to absorb dust and dirt, they also serve an aesthetic function.  Mats may add to […]