Safety First: Businesses Prepare for Holiday Shopping Season

Safety First- Businesses Prepare for Holiday Shopping Season

The season for tinsel, snow, and shopping has finally come!  With the heavy-duty shopping season already among us, businesses must cope with the increasing foot traffic, wet conditions, and pressures to keep the spirits bright in their establishments.  While we revel in the joyous spirits, let us pause for a moment and think of safety. […]

Tips for Designing Mats with Logos

Welcome mat with logo image.

Logo floor mats have become more popular in use by the companies to give that extra detail to the customers they serve.  These vibrant, customized entrance mats depict the company’s brand image and tell visitors that the business establishment is keen on the details.  This works to establish a very positive first impression with the […]

Matching Mats with Brand Image

Matching Mats with Brand Image

Using Entrance Mats That Promote Safety While Enhancing Brand Image There’s nothing worse than a pair of worn out, dangerously disheveled entrance mats inside the doorway of a high-end electronics boutique.  Unfortunately, a recent trip to Miami Beach landed a member of the Eagle Mat Blog’s editorial team face-to-face with that very worst case scenario.  […]