Marketing with Floor Mats

Marketing with Floor Mats

For most businesses, effective marketing is a multi-pronged affair. Maybe you have a nice website with interesting evergreen content on it; maybe your business cards are well-thought out with a clever design; maybe you’re steeped in social media and know how to network. But there’s another way to market that is not used nearly enough: reflecting […]

Black Friday 2013 Recap

When reflecting on Black Friday 2013, what can American business owners learn? This year, storefronts saw slightly smaller turnouts than previous years, thanks in part to online stores offering tantalizing Cyber Monday deals today. Last Friday was not without drama, however. Stories and videos of unruly crowds, customer fights, and at least 1 case of […]

Tips for Designing Mats with Logos

Welcome mat with logo image.

Logo floor mats have become more popular in use by the companies to give that extra detail to the customers they serve.  These vibrant, customized entrance mats depict the company’s brand image and tell visitors that the business establishment is keen on the details.  This works to establish a very positive first impression with the […]